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Can we agree that if the goal is iOS dominance for the next few years apple needs another iphone line with a bigger screen and/or a cheaper device? So 3 iphone models max.
And all that does not change the fact that a 5" iphone with the same quality would be better for browsing gaming videos reading etc, the things people do more and more.   Apple thinks people will buy an iPad for that, but guess what... for millions a galaxy note is sufficient.
And?   How will that change the fact the Samsung phones are crap?
ok, this data deserves a nice discussion.   Apple reached the limit of what a premium 4" phone can do, and that's 4.5 billion profit per quarter (+-). If they want to earn marketshare to give more power to iOS, they need:   a) a cheaper iPhone line (like macbook air and pro); b) a bigger screen iPhone to lure costumers away form samsung, htc and sony; c) both a) and b), my favourite. So 3 iphone lines.   If they do not want to produce a newer cheaper...
Since more and more iOS devices are being sold each quarter (YoY growth) and the ecosystem dominance and strength is only growing,   i find your post absolutely retarded.
And the best phone money can buy.
HTC can't produce them either.   There's no one else with Buzz right now. The brainwashe has been done. There's no reviewer that says that this phone is the best android phone or close to it, not to mention the fact that it is so much inferior to the iphone, but stupid people don't care. For them, this is like walking with their pants down.
The ignorants that bought the S3 don't use the net that much, so they are still ignorants and bought the s4.
I still believe that it is very stupid to buy a MBP 13". Sorry   It makes sense against Windows Machines, since they are all bad or copies of something better, but against a macbook air or retina 13"?   The pro 13" in that form factor will die, very soon. People just like the power of those 3 letters: Pro.
And that's proof of how stupid they are.   There's 0 innovation from those sides, only small experiments. Apple is the one that outmuscles industries and pushes their way forward.
New Posts  All Forums: