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so there won't be nothing to talk about until wwdc, right? 2 months.   see ya!
This is hilarious!   They are not demanding a better iPhone, they are demanding 3 new models already and talking like if iWatch and iTV are certain things and apple's obligation!   I truly believe that APPL is doomed.
That would be great if they can make a nice AMOLED screen!   Now that would be innovation, the first AMOLED screen worth of being considered "high end".
Can't wait for some more innovation for the trackpad like second screen or software bottoms/functionality.   Going back and forward/zoom/etc should (like safari) be an option to the OS itself and every app. it could double as numeric keyboard when needed. -etc.   Please Apple, just because the others are so behind, it does not mean that you can't move forward.   Also, software. More focus on pro software.
no. 4.8.
This can be a nice mid-range phone, if priced accordingly. Still, the Nexus 4 looks better because of the software and better screen and design. I hope Samsung have the decency to price it lower than the Nexus, so they don't end up just selling for the millions of ignorants and retards of this world.   If they have a screen that only has a place on a 200 dollar phone, a build construction and design that pales to the xperia J, "extra" software and skin that brings...
Cost, for example.   Ask Samsung why they use screens that are so bad for 600 dollar products. Looks like apple is the only one who cares about that, and poor htc.
The ****? how?   They will expend 30 billion (dividends, share buybacks) per quarter, but they are gaining average 10 billion per quarter. A years has 4 quarters, then you have interests, etc.   it is most likely that by 2015 they will have 200 billion instead of 100 billion.
you fool! lol   My point was: there's no high-quality 4.5+ screen on a phone that sells on the millions. So, Cook is right. The One is a great phone, and is costing HTC dearly.   Looks like they would be better would low build quality, a oversaturated screen with wrong colors, pentile, with software made for a 3"phone and spend money on ads.
Your post was absolutely retarded. tablet =/= phone. totally different situation.
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