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Here it is Apple. Instead of dividends, why not invest those billions into bringing Internet to everyone? Heck, be your own carrier.
I really like Mavericks, especially Safari. What a fantastic browser.
It could be twice, total domination on the high end, with a bigger screen. How well, it will happen and Samsung won't have any trick left.
However, the opposite is also true for many millions.That's why it is insanely stupid to not make 2 different lines (screen size being the difference and maybe with the extra room they can give more room to the SOC (higher frequency) and a bigger battery), or being against the idea. It happens on every category (tablets, PCs, TVs). Let's not be annoyingly stubborn and blind to the mighty Apple (that also makes mistakes). There's an whole half of the premium segment that...
iOS, the camera, build quality and innovation (SOC, fingerprint scanner) make the iPhone the best smartphone available today DESPITE the small screen. Not acknowledging how much better a 5" screen (the LG G2 is a relatively small device, for example.), if equivalent (resolution, color reproduction, etc, just like the HTC one) is for everything a modern smartphone is used (web, apps, productivity, video, games, room for bigger batteries that clearly offset the screen size...
So, they are fake. But a design similar to this with a 5" (more or less) would be fantastic for those of us who actually need a smartphone.
Dude, go to Wikipedia and read what liquid metal is. There's no need for plastic or any other material for antennas.
Now if only people could actually read and edit documents on a 4" like they can on a 5" screen...
Again, are you guys blind or something else? What if they make a 4.3 AND a 5.2 like they do on everything else? How in the world would someone complain?For me, the current screen is worse than a joke because it is useless small as a mobile device. For others, it's just too small... Apple can and will give options.
This sounds more and more as iWhatever. These analysts have no formation or knowledge to have a validated worth listening opinion about possible future products. So why is this here?
New Posts  All Forums: