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millions, not dozens.   It is a great screen, but still loses on a few metrics.
Can someone give me an example of a phone with a great 4.5+ screen that sells on the millions of units?
You... you...   go away.
And both screens are absolutely terrible for 500$ phones.   In fact, the whole build quality (that is also influenced for the needed design for such screen) is crap on a 500& phone.
Despite the best quarter ever?   God, what about the last quarter?
I believe he was talking manly about "physical things", hardware.   Maybe the next months will be all about software.
The only good screen on 5 inch phones are the ones used by HTC, and even those lose on some metrics. Also, that's one of the reasons they only manage to sell 5 phones per quarter.   Look at the other displays available.   We were talking about phones. There's no trade offs for the rMBP15", but bigger phones? Oversaturated, pentile, lower brightness levels, etc. Very bad displays, overall, when compared to the iphone.
New iMac... iPad as a portable device. There, the 2 explications.
Both, and the proof is how those screens are very very poor when compared to the iPhone.
What?   He said that to make a bigger screen you have to make trade-offs (as evidenced by the very poor and low-end S4 display), so they won't do it.   That's what i heard.
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