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it's hilarious, isn't it? lol
One has nothing to do with the other.   One is based on innovation/hard work, the other is based on speculation/rumours/FUD/BS.
It doesn't matter. Even if Samsung made 10x more, so what? How are they killing a company that makes 10 billion per quarter?
So?   what if Samsung makes 10x more? It does not change the fact that it is at the Android's OEMs expense and their products are lower quality. It only takes a stronger LG and/or Sony for Samsung profit to go down.
I heard "future products"?
No, it was predictable. But those that were saying that it meant "doomed" are huge idiots. Apple made more than google and microsoft combined.
That's the difference. Apple is the only tech company doing that since 98.   And even if they don't do anything like that, so what? Still the best products!
you have take the circumstances into account, this was Fantastic.   All the bad news, no new products, no talks, everything pointed for some sort of catastrophe, and here they are, beating stupid inflated expectations. 
Now this is talking, this is believing. that's building yourself.
who told you that? otherwise you should be banned.
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