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On the website it said 2pm?!
How much time is left for the earnings report? Can someone tell me?
Exactly.   If someone believes that people will wait more than one year for season 3 of game of thrones when it is being showed on the US, or paying for 50yo songs... Well, there's no hope for them.
Well, even twitter is down today.   at least Apple still maintains 99,99% of their revenue functional while their services are down.   Twitter, Google, Amazon, Rim, Microsoft... oh boy.
By a year to forget they mean 50 billion in net profit? Oh boy.   So google's 10 billion profit will be better?   What about the others?
And so the surface can go away without making to much noise.........   I feel sorry for the 3 guys that bought it.
  Maybe they need some more? Aren't you following the news? They are opening data centers everywhere! Should they rush it or carefully plan things out?
Both Google and Amazon had disruptions this last few weeks. Really huge ones.
Aren't they doing that already?
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