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Actually, that's the problem.   They invested the money on a company they know nothing about, and are demanding things, damaging the brand and themselves. Fortunately, Apple is too strong to be influenced by APPL and everything that comes with it: problematic stuff, fools.
Question:   What if their profit absolutely falls of a cliff (50%) and they only make as much money as Samsung while all others lose? Will the world end? Will 150 billion be enough for another week or 2? Will my mac shut down?   What if it goes down 80% and they only make as much money as google? Will the stock double? Will the press pray the gods for the existence of Apple? Will black holes throw some beer to us? Will god send a tweet?   What...
Well, in a few months I will go to a few Android forums.   I like Android.   I will try to develop an app for myself, and then one to submit to google play. Then, if I can monetize it from my app or find another way to pay, I will try to focus on iOS.   I would love that.   Advice for a young man full of good will?
Hilarious.   I want to see it go down even a little more... what happens? Panic and the thing has a blue screen?
This wasn't about agreeing or not. The data was there, the numbers were there, logic was there. You (no matter what account) were just being retarded. That's not having a different opinion.   Have a nice day.
- Apple didn't aprove _____________ app. - google never submitted such app. - Everybody will be on the internet in 7 years - despite hunger, wars, crisis, etc. - google is wining just like Microsoft did - despite Microsoft nothing, and google's android is losing on every rational metric possible.   It's your turn again.
Why?   you are bad at trolling.   No matter how many accounts you and others like you use, you were proven wrong. And that's it?
Of course not. Who did that? Only someone without taste and the knowledge of the rules of society would do that. But calling rock to a rock? That's worth a cookie, at least.     Microsoft on the same period?   Cisco?   IBM?       Google?      Samsung?     HP     Dell     APPLE     Now, you can analyze the data (don't forget about those scales!), especially Apple's graph where you can clearly see the overall tendency to go up and the strategic drops after 98, You...
If you are mocking someone's predictions you have to find a way to put "Eric Schmidt" in there. There's no excuse if you don't.
Why jdnc123?   Calling rock a rock isn't worth a warning. Or is it? It was justified. There's nothing we can do about it. It's a pity.
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