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And how does that influence Apple (the company)? What does it change?   How does it change the fact that every single device made by Apple is the best and best seller on their respective categories and they are making 15 billion each quarter while others are losing money or making 0 profit? How does it change the fact that besides all that, the number of sales is always growing yoy?   How does it change the fact that Apple is already investing so much on their future...
1-Well, you are being a moron now, a stupid moron. Back that up or go to your hole. 2-300 million of a fictional value made by irrelevant people. 300 million of nothing is nothing. Physically, Apple was never better than now.
Where is he lying?   First paragraph: That's correct if you look only at the stock market, but "correct". Second paragraph: Correct. People have the "PERCEPTION" (it isn't something factual, but people think that way) that the innovator is samsung, and Apple is doing nothing against it. (more cores, bigger screen, more megahertz, more gimmicks, bla bla).   Apple can do something against this, they "should" do something, not only for their sake, but more for the sake of...
Why would they do that?
Apple can't keep up.   Look at this, building data center after datacenter while Samsung is paying for people to come to tech sites and troll (and a few must be here), building factories for more tanks and missiles, making offers people can't refuse all over the world, selling 600 dollars phones because of 30 ads, and making 7 billion in profit.   (Who cares that apple makes much more and all others lose money! Fanboys!)
Don't be obtuse.   If you do not want or don't know how to use it, that's your problem.
Fear.   600 euros for a tablet is a huge investment, and it must be perfectly functional for at least 5 years. Based on that, i can't blame anyone for using a case for the first year or 2.   However, some people do that to macs, iphones, ipads etc.   I use my air everyday, and it goes with me everywhere. No case, no BS. No scratches. Awesome machine.
We at FEUP have Ubuntu with our own repositories installed on every computer (dual boot with windows). It's called "ubuntu feup". They encourage everyone to install it.   The University (UP) even says on their main software page how much they love and support open source and cross platform programs. So, what do we use for statistic-like analysis and problems? Ex-f*cking-cel. What do we use for programing? Visual Studio.   It's just absolutely retarded and...
So all OEMs are eating a cake that's killing them. Meanwhile Apple is eating a whole chocolate (but nutritive and healthy) cake all by themselves (well, they give samsung a little).   However, some analysts think that Apple should eat more cake, the cake that's killing all OEMs.   Good enough.
I don't get it.   What if Apple allows for an "home" app on the app store? How about more facebook integration (like feeds on the new notification center, or the frigging wallpaper or lockscreen? How's that going to change the experience for anyone that does not want Facebook? If you don't know how to use it or simply do not want it, that's your problem.   Thanks to facebook, all students from my year have a group where they share exercises, thoughts, have a...
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