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Why 12 and not 8?   Please, let's not try to use samsung strategy. Make a 440 ppi screen (lie about the fact that it is oversaturated pentile screen (330ppi), so crap, much inferior to iphone 5 ) to fool costumers, a 13mp camera that is just as crappy as they get (to fool costumers), etc.
Because that has nothing to do with build quality (or any other sort of quality).
It's T-mobile, for a 7 month phone, bad weather...   Anyway, they are really stupid. Why wait in line? I don't get it.
Because they are dying.
so they can have all pros (photoshop, lightroom, etc) on the mac side of things. So Pros have more confidence on Apple, so the mac pro and iMac userbase grows, so that software becomes better supported on macs.   It would be amazing.
in the long term it will mean a lot. It will also mean a lot for those expecting samsung "innovation". Screens can only grow so much, and without Apple's plans... Oh boy.
One day Apple is doomed and production is delayed (delayed by what? Since when?)   The next day we have 3 iPhone models before july...   and here we are, clicking..
A better service, better integration, much larger user base, make artists support services like this (when everyone uses them).   Class.
Well... YES.   For example:   Person A buys a Mac and an iDevice. Just f*cking give person A itunes Match  and more icloud storage!   Make your best costumers (the ones that are really deep on the ecosystem) to not have to think about those services.
After reading the last comments it's very funny to take a look at this link:   http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-57578882-38/samsung-hq-raided-over-alleged-theft-of-oled-technology/   When this happens to Samsung, "the" samsung, in Korea, I guess we can all agree that no one knows exactly how much of criminals, thugs and garbage they are.         (this post from tundraboy is especially funny right know) Stelligent, no one even dared to take a look at samsung's plants and...
New Posts  All Forums: