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I hope it ends up costing 150 billion. That way, apple kills the "problem" and the stock can skyrocket again.   /s
lol Not really. A street view like feature on a much superior application with much superior APIs that developers love (despite the fact that apple needs time to gather more infromation for the app... Google has been doing this for years, and apple is already close), together with other superior features, is nothing short of a knife on google's liver.   Apple is close to have:   - The absolute best hardware; - The absolute best mobile and desktop OS; - The absolute best...
Don't be stupid. There's no logic in the stock market, why risk it?
Are you kidding?   Only 1 on a zillion android user knows about that and actually changes it. 
It's so funny that a lower end iPhone and a 5S are seen as facts now... so the stock can drop when they don't release them on june.   http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2013/04/02/what-we-now-know-about-apples-new-iphones/?mod=e2tw
Apple's success formula: Evolution, change, new areas, new markets, disruption.   That's what we are talking about, it doesn't take a genius to figure that ecosystem is the big thing now.
Are you doing that on purpose?   Apple earns 0 from what you pay to your (even if not "you", millions of people then) shitty internet provider and their shitty services.   If Apple deploys ultrafast internet (free of charge or very cheap. unlimited) with great services and assistance, you will change from your internet provider to Apple, and the Apple ecosystem will become even more integrated, cloud services will work better (faster internet, more reliable (so Apple can...
What? Who told you that? I don't want things for free. I Want great things. Apple does that.   In most countries, a 300 dollar no contract phone is expensive. a 700 dollar pc is expensive. a tablet is a luxury. On those countries (like Portugal) Apple gains 0 and the others gain everything that can be gained, especially market share and relevance. If Apple deployed a part of their ecosystem on Android (itunes, a store, iWork, ibooks, maps, safari etc), they could make a...
Because they are fighting with everything they can, even spending 25 billion on Android (with 0 return) just to become more relevant and impossible to avoid. That's a good thing.   With Android (as long as samsung does not stab them) they have power. Dozens of companies depend on Android and please, let's not pretend that forked versions have any chance to survive if google stops developing Android. Google is inevitable.   They risked half of their money on Android. If...
Hell, look at this (0:13):   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d96eGWviEx0   "watch wrestlemania like never before on your samsung devices" followed by an iPhone, an iPad and a generic TV. It's hillarious.   Why isn't Apple suing them to oblivion? 
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