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IF you never heard of it, if it isn't being used, it does not exist.
Well, I really want to blame google, but they are just using their strengths. Apple is no little boy, they have everything (rightfully) now. Don't like it? Then make a better search engine.   What bothers me is that Apple always tries the nice guy approach and are risking nothing at all. I would like something like google secret labs, previous at&t (bell?) labs, etc from apple. If some projects are total failures (they can't be, there's always something of...
And that's the problem.   Why the f*ck are you expecting a surprise? Why can't things be "normal"? Can't you realize that they already are the most lucrative company on earth? What if they stop being the most lucrative and become the second most lucrative? isn't that enough? Do you expect a surprise from microsoft, or nokia, or sony, or samsung, or google, or blackberry, or motorola or even htc? What about hp and dell?   Seriously. Most people are stupid, it is a known...
with such robust website and access to lots of advices and macs every day, it's strange to see the need for retail stores. But it's Apple, expanding their footprint is only good.   oh... you have every single metric saying that Apple stores are the most lucrative (m^2), so why not make more?
Question: I use iVI to convert lots of videos (add metadata, etc) and include them on iTunes.   I do this on i7 2011 air, and this little beast converts them at 100% Cpu (obviously) during a whole day non stop (and a few hours to rest) and even during conversions, it doesn't get uncomfortably warn and is still perfectly useful. I do this a lot, and it looks like it doesn't even need to stop... I never thought (when I bought it) that it would be THIS good.   What's like to...
Of course it does.   What if something goes wrong and you need new parts?
What? They are cleaning things and upping production so they can stop selling the regular models.   They are the only ones left with a healthy PC business. In fact it's better than all others combined. Stop the BS and go read a book.
So you would be willing to pay full price for a machine that will not be in production anymore?   You lose a lot on the regular MBP. (screen, design, overall quality, speed, SSD)
One has to be very retarded to buy the regular MBP. They will for sure be discontinued this year.   However, i would love a 17" 2011 and an iPad mini. Where to find one?
They are really investing on their assets, that's a great thing. Apple is becoming very powerful and huge, without the need to steal, create their own Mafia, enforce their own laws and good knows how many crimes (hello Samsung).   It will be great when reality punches Sony/HTC/Motorola/Microsoft/HP/Dell/etc. right on their faces and all Analysts and Wall Street dogs have the entire world population looking at them. "But... they had Market Share, since when bleeding...
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