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Well, the iPhone 6 event will say a lot about the current Apple. It's pretty simple actually. If they release another iPhone line with a bigger screen, both premium lines combined will sell much more, net profit and revenues will be up, Android OEMs (Samsung included) will see their share of the high end vanish. If they don't release another iPhone line with a bigger screen, it's proof that they do not understand modern and future paradigms of how people are using their...
I still believe that sooner or later we will see an all Apple approach to everything related with payment systems. Imagine how easy it will be to buy new Apple products!
A different way to integrate search could even improve those services.To the guy that mentioned it: Even in USA, Siri is not a substitute to the search engine. A search engine can have unlimited potential... Siri is for casual stuff in a very limited part of the world.I bet Apple could do a perfect marriage of wolfram alpha and Google, plus some great things.
So Apple doesn't have to turn it's costumers into whores. Fine, it's better to let Google turn Apple's costumers into whores, by having it as the search engine on Mac, Windows and iOS, no matter if they use safari or Chrome.Heck, better yet. Let's do the right thing, and let Microsoft do it to Apple costumers with bing!No one is telling that Apple should ape Google search and use it like that. Of course you are too limited for that, but I believe in Apple and the people...
Just like everyone buys iPads from Google and iPhones from Samsung! Who cares? And it isn't forcing, people will change the default if they want. Search is very important, too much to hand it to Google.
I see some very very stupid remarks in some of these posts, but this bit strikes me as something so obvious, so important (even more than another iphone line with a bigger screen):   - Apple's search engine.   Why doesn't Apple do something? Why are they defending and defending until someone really hits them hard? That's so stupid. Search is so important and can do so much to integrate the experience between devices. Neither Google or MS should have a presence unless...
Woz was a great engineer 35 years ago, but a very bad entrepreneur. Everything he says, not matter the direction, has 0 importance.
Can Tim stop the dividend? All the greedy bastards came after that.
So what?
Hey AI, why not forget icahn and the stock BS and focus on the interesting things that Tim said? Apple doesn't need the stock. Tim said some great things about the Mac.
New Posts  All Forums: