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Who the hell bought the other 5million 2YO smartphones?   Anyway, Good luck blackberry. F*ck the analysts and media always trying to push the ones that try new and good things down.
Well...   Apple will sell 60 % of verizon smartphones, 80% on ATT, 75% sprint, 50% Tmobile and we will hear how the US market share is 50 50 or the iphone has more activations there.   It's hillarious.
just like with phones, computers, tablets and mp3 players.   that's a nice market.
True.   But that doesn't change the fact that you guys still pay a lot. In fact, since most Portuguese people earn less than 600 euros per month, T-mobile's offer would be the only way for the iphone to gain traction on market's like ours (europe).   All carriers offer unlimited everything if you pay more than 100 euros per month (+ a lot for a new phone). That's why most people have similar plans to mine on europe.
unlimited voice minutes and sms for other vodafone (amost everyone with less than 40 years+ my family and friends), low cost for other carriers, 350 mb data = 7.5 euros.   That's great for me and other students. Based on this, we could affor iPhones with t-mobile.
I'm a 21 YO student, i'm not losing money on anything.   "APPL weakness"??? What the hell are you talking about? Stock is a manipulation game, perfect for limited people. Everyone knows that. The better scammer earns money.   Apple's performance (strength) has nothing to do with the stock. Far from it. If you can't see that, educate yourself and gain a little more "common sense".
Wow! if someone did the same here in Portugal, this means:   Paying 100 euros for the iPhone, +20 each month 20 months. And since I am a student: unlimited voice and sms for vodafone (almost everyone), plus 350mb data each month, 7.5 euros.   So I could have an iPhone and pay 27.5 euros each month. I pay 10 and own a crappy Android device. This is amazing, I wish vodafone does something similar!   You Americans have no idea about how much you guys are raped.
No.   The short answer is that earth is a finite place. In one quarter, Apple sells 2 million iPhones, in the next one, Apple sells 4 million. That's 100% growth (+2million iPhones)! Stock flies because of people like you... In one quarter, Apple sells 35 million iPhones, In the next one, Apple sells 47.5 million. That's less than 50% growth (+12.5 million iPhones)! Growth was down more than 50%!Sell sell sell!!   Who cares that about every single other phone maker is...
I'm sorry,   I only see revenue (YoY) growth on that graph. Where's the decline?
I hope it is 100 dollars cheaper than that.
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