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For me, this proves you work for Samsung, just like that guy that said that he couldn't leave his iPhone, despite the Nexus being "better" (lol).   Even you guys can't leave iOS products... But owning them does not make you any less troll/shill.
Don't be silly. A note taking app for Mac is not a notebook. It has much more potential/functions etc, so it shouldn't look like one. Ive will do the right thing.   I open itunes or safari and just smile. Everything looks at home.   Then I open notes and piss myself.
So... He had to say that because Obama will be the only one with a blackberry device.
Schmidt, go home, you are drunk (still).
The guy was drunk on his own shit.
Apple is the one that does not want that. Valve already said how steam and their games run much more stable on Macs. Well, macs itself are better, and writing great things for them (even if not so graphic intensive because of directX BS) should come naturally.   Problem is lack of open GL support. Apple chooses not to put the hammer down on that area, but they could. And should. They have everything to absolutely trounce PCs on every single area. Even gaming.   I hope...
HTC should be doing great, their devices are so awesome.   Maybe Apple could help them, by licensing iTunes (for example)? A strong HTC means weaker Samsung(and possible android forks) and more fragmented Android. Apple would still earn money. They can do the same for blackberry, in exchange of something related to security?
So what? If they manage to target those 5% very well, they can have a much healthier business than everyone (besides Apple). I mean, look at the Mac side of things. It's worth more than PCs from all OEMs combined.   I would like to see a healthy Blackberry in 2016.   I'm full of these morons that think that market share is the only thing that matters, even when all OEMs besides one are losing money (Android and soon, Windows).
That only happens when they introduce new products, like the ton of products they introduced.   Margins will grow, like they always do. But even if growth was negative, the stock price still is too low based on any reasonable metric.
All the bad news are related to the stock/ways to manipulate it and how APPL has been working. that's why i wish that.
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