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1º the link did not work. 2º -miss expectations for the quarter-let the round of negative rumors continue-let the owner of WSJ keep spreading FUD and the stock collapses. Then, Apple has enough money to go private. 
Not realistic? They just have to miss one quarter, let digitimes and Murdock keep doing their jobs, and Baam. Enough money for 50%.   Witch legal battles and why?
My questions were clear. But yes, I would like that. People that understand 0 about how Apple operates (and has been doing since 98) shouldn't been allowed to own a single share of APPL. There's other ways to pay/motivate executives in Apple. Being the ones changing the world is one of them. Average costumers? They already do that, by providing the best products.   Shareholders? For what?
Serious question: Why the hell would Apple want to turn around APPL stock? For what, exactly? Aren't things perfect (for Apple) as they are? Isn't Apple the most lucrative company in the world (right now)? Why would they change something related to their stock?   Wouldn't they want the exact opposite? Since they don't need anyone's help/money, wouldn't be better for shares to fall so they can buy enough to go private?
Don't be obtuse.   Just because people and use their iPhones A LOT (they are 700 dollars devices after all) that doesn't mean that android users don't use their devices. Obviously they are not as good, but they don't have to be, after all...
The s4 was already reviewed and is far from being the best android phone or having something of relevance.   Can the articles about it stop? I Would like something about Apple itself, or something worthy from their competitors (review). Rumors from digitimes, patent disputes, S4 BS, MS BS don't matter to the vast majority of readers.   If you want to talk about the S4, talk about it is target to lesser minds: Pentile screen, oversaturated, bad build quality, 13...
That's offensive.   Not everyone is comfortable with paying 1200 dollars a year for a smartphone, and by "not everyone" I mean the large majority of the world, especially on those countries where people know they can't live with more than what they earn.   For those of us: Apple does not give an option, Windows sucks, so we have no choice but android. I'm proud of myself, proud that i'm not part of the "haz cheezeburgerz" crowd, just like my friends. Far from it.
"sucks"? Really? Are you talking about mail.app?
So it sold less than that... Really less. I see them everywhere: Fnac, staples (?), etc. Collecting dust... useless garbage.
Stop that, really. Every single high end handset is now larger than 4.7 inches.   See how many of them are sold... as much as iPhones? Even if it's half, it's a huge market! People willing to spend money. I would love that device.
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