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Why? iCloud is great if you have the money for multiple Apple devices. For everyone else, even for those that use iCloud, Dropbox is great and a must have.
We have all these trolls that come here just to spread FUD, but i have to say something...   After reading some news on some blogs (I like android, i have an android phone. In fact, i love android, i would love a nexus from LG, i just think Apple's devices and strategy are better) i came across something. Not all android fans are stupid and retarded like the ones we see here, and not all android blogs are apple-bashing sites. Far from it.   Some sites have...
No, the s4 is just the same shit with a few more lines for spec whores that understand 0 about tech and what makes a fast phone, a good camera, a good screen, etc. Java can't compete with cocoa performance wise. Java or html5 apps can't compete with native iOS apps. It still is a slower and inferior device (than the iPhone), that also loses on pretty much everything to the xperia z, the awesome htc one, etc.   But fear nor more, DaHarder and other trolls will like your...
Yes, it's a shitty device, but you can bet it will put htc sony and motorola in huge trouble. Why? Marketing and Hype, the phone itself is second tier. 15 million per quarter for this ugly baby.   obs: it will also put apple shareholders in trouble when headlines about huge demand and Apple's doom hit the web, despite the fact that Apple will make billions and billions more than what it does now.   Tough time for stupid people, be it fandroids or Apple fanboys.
But windows 8 is exactly the same OS that was 7, vista and XP.   Apple is making a lot of under the hood improvements/new features that demand newer hardware. You need 2010 processors (or newer) for airplay, there's no way around it, you need full 64 bit compatibility for OSX, Apple is adding tons of web services/new processes for the OS and they are making an amazing job for the thing to be as light as it is (10.8.3 vs 10.6.8. There's hundred more processes and...
For people like you, it's the name that matters.   If sammy called this 3s, oh boy... but they called 4! yeah!
Sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro, end of 2009 or first months of 2010. why?
But people are spending:   a) 700 dollars b) 2500 dollars ( 2 years)   on a phone! They "don't care"? So they just close their eyes and choose one? That's being stupid. Everyone that bought an s3 was stupid. EVERYONE. fact. They had better phones on every metric for the same money or less (running android) and the superior iPhone.   They were stupid.
But why THAT display and not an as big but better (or equally good) display of a better phone like the new one from sony or from htc?
In this case, yes you can. A few phones beat the s4 ON EVERY METRIC.
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