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You realize that comparing dual to quad to octa is retarded, don't you? What the hell are you talking about? It's the same architecture? Same generation? Are they powering the same OS?
Exactly, and it ends up being frustrating because even here we have those sort of trolls polluting any attempt to have a decent conversation/discussion. I mean, lots of people are buying the iPhone without knowing what they are doing, and that's stupid. However, every single person that bough a galaxy s3 made a stupid decision, no matter how you look at it (as long as you use common sense and facts) and the same can be applied to this model.   They will probably outsell...
Based on what? Fanboyism? Of course they will sell, but only for those that can't think for themselves and are easily influenced by ads.   A few Android phones already beat the S4 on every metric, and the iPhone still is the best phone available when all things are considered.   http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324392804578360674154361886.html WSJ   "But while many of the functions are useful or innovative, a few of them didn't seem ready for prime time in a...
No rational person can find a reason to buy this phone. I defy someone to challenge this observation/fact. It loses on every metric to HTC, Sony and of course the best phone still is the iPhone 5.   obs: It's so cheap looking and ugly.
250 mb for 2011 13" i7 air.
looks like .3 is out!
Better WiFi, safari quits out of nowhere, audio problems.   10.8.3 fixes that.   Also, better battery life and fix slow shutdown times on SSD macs.
that's samsung.
You are being "blind" here. Siri needs to "learn", it's impossible otherwise. Same thing with maps.
I don't need anything. Just stated some facts.   Did any samsung phone innovated in any area? No. Are they fast? Hell no, they are the slowest top phones available (experience). Are they cheaper? No. How's their build quality? Sh*t.
New Posts  All Forums: