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On AI?
What's your goal here?   I'm a bit tired about lawsuits/analysts. I only care about products, and that's why I keep coming here, I'm curious, but most times I take "vacation" from sites like these, because they focus more and more on what I don't like.   What about you?   Just curious.
Didn't IDC said the same thing since 2011 and 2012, with a few differences:   - The iPad share would be even lower, - Windows share would be higher.   Poor trolls.   Frankly, i don't care if apple sells 1 million or 1 trillion devices as long as they are healthy. The only thing I care is about good products from them, and OSX deserves an update.
Not. They will sell millions of these, and millions of the Note. They are completely different devices, one has a pen. You will find people with both (sad but true).   The note screen will be even bigger.    And you can bet that EVERY SINGLE PERSON that buys the s4 has no idea about anything tech related, just like with the s3.
If you understand a little about technology, you will realize that samsung has nothing of substance. I can tell 5 or 6 phones that are better than the galaxy s3 on every single metric (better phones), especially the iPhone, and Apples beats them on every other product/software.
What? What are you saying? Don't be stupid!   Apple can earn 4x their guidance in the next quarter, but if analysts wants, the stock will tank. Why on earth would you put your money on the hands of analysts (not apple)?
Why? because otherwise they will keep making less than 20 billion net profit each quarter and the stock will go down while all others will bleed money or grow 0 but their stock will go up until they close for good(hp, dell, htc, sony, etc see previous post)?
It's still slower than the iPhone UI, still runs apps created for underpowered 3.5 inch 480*600 screens, still has worse build quality, it's still ugly, innovates 0.
Samsung isn't creating anything. Samsung sells on hype. Their users show that, benchmarks show that, reason shows that.   People keep vomiting that Apple must innovate because others are innovating and catching up so Apple will die. For me, all of the people that say that are absolute delusional. No OEM is innovating 1/10th of what Apple is doing. 0 innovation, nada. Bigger screen (soon that will end, even if people keep buying those models, screens can't grow...
One more shrink and they are ready for the iWatch.
New Posts  All Forums: