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In this case, yes it is bad. The advantages of the current method are what makes Apple earn 15 billion net profit each month. Controlled and healthy environments that provide a much better product. In fact, it pisses me off that they sell so many devices, when much people have no idea about what they are buying. It cheapens the product. The iphone is a marvel, it shouldn't be sold to teenagers and persons that only buy it just because they can, without a rational...
The only monopoly left in the post PC world is search (google). Give Apple some time, and they can fix that problem too, like they did with maps, like they are doing with desktops, like they did with phones and tablets. Now we are seeing products, complete integrated products (nexus, surface, macs, pixel, idevices) and those that create them have every right to choose what they allow and what they don't allow to be installed. If Apple or Microsoft thinks that Safari/IE...
you are forgetting that Apple fans = 90% of the worlds population. Those with enough money will buy it because despite being expensive, is a much better product on every single rational metric.
Are you as limited as them?   Aren't you tired of watching Apple not being able to keep up with demand, selling more and more of everything, making more money than all OEMs + Microsoft and google together?
You are so obtuse...   Do you really think that the App Store is like anything created before? That's more than obtuse. Android chill. Same sh*t on Mac Rumours.
Again, in this case, the law is stupid.   We have choice now, we are not forced to use crappy windows machines anymore. So, if Microsoft wants to give a certain user experience with their services (browser, mail app, etc) like Apple does, they have every right to do so. It's their product. Don't like it? Don't buy it, buy an iOS/OSX/Android/linux device instead.   They should block that chrome spyware thing.
For the average joe, they are competitors, and Apple is losing because apple is losing. lol
And buying the iPhone is an option to everyone, unlike the times when we were forced to use crappy windows machines.   Apple can do what they want. Don't you like it? Don't buy it.   Microsoft also has the right to do the same thing with windows 8, as they should. We have choice now.
What's the problem with the guy? He looks like a punk, but so what?
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