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Are you missing something like:   -they can't make enough of them for their costumers; -they are crazy expensive/complicated to build, at least for now.   the interior is unnecessary. for education, an i3 is plenty, 4gb ram is plenty (most likely it will run 1 or 2 programs at time, 500gb is plenty (they are all connected) and what sets them apart from crappy PCs is the OS, build quality, beauty, reliability, etc.   I don't expect the average joe that just wants a COD...
I'm sorry, but are you blind? Those things you mentioned are more than enough for what's needed. But then you have that amazing beautiful screen, that amazing design and build quality... There's nothing out there that's a better deal.   Unless you think plastic boxes for the sole purpose of playing COD are a better investment. This is for colleges... It needs to be reliable, look great, have a better OS, you know... And please, don't talk about "powerful". Just because...
Chrome is decent, but safari (on a mac) is better. It has more fluid gestures (that makes web browsing more fluid generally), amazing html 5 support, opens faster, etc. But chrome is also very good, on the DESKTOP. Mobile? it is absolutely trashed (+2x) even on android/iOS.  No. If you are spending 1.5k on a computer, you know how to use it and you are well informed (this is certain for almost every case), so if you choose safari, you are not eating what you have on day 0...
Based on what?   It's much slower, has less sharing options, is less elegant, etc (even on desktop).   Again, based on what? Or are you a little sheep that likes to follow the herd without thinking?
since they have 140 billion ready to go, the most flexible supply chain, the best products on their respective categories and are the only ones innovating since 98, i believe you are wrong.   you know, if the situation demands it, Apple is in the best position to turn on their xerox printers too.
tim has nothing to do with it. Apple has nothing to do with it.
Why would they? People are complaining because it's a direct ripoff of Passbook. It isn't a ripoff of gwallet.
Isn't this app also on Android? They could provide something so much better if they focused only on iOS...   Much better hardware and software.
That Microsoft is dead.
I have an Android phone, and i would love to participate on Androidauthority's forum. They aren't biased, and they provide nice articles. The problem? Users. Even there they say Apple is paying them. lol
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