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They should have to pay 40 billions... they are shameless. Bunch of corrupts.
Totally agree with you, but Apple could do much more.   C'mon... Android guy Vs iOS guy.   The Android guy with stupid colored clothes, with too much green (simbolizing samsung's shitty screens on the galaxy line), fat but strong, against an well dressed and athletic iOS guy.   There's endless possibilities.   An android tunning car with people making mods (android) against a mercedes class S 65 amg, or a pagani (iOS)...
Isn't samsung well known for being basically an organization ruled by thieves and criminals? yes, it is.
Next refresh will be only about new minis, iMac, Pro, rmbp and the air. that's a great line up.
Yes! kill it! it makes me sick to look at that old POS in the same table as a super fast and modern rMBP, macbook air and iMac. It belongs to the past.   Only clueless people buy it, they don't realize that the air is 3x as fast (ssd).   Nice...   Obviously it's better looking than every other laptop, but against the air and rmbp?please.
I might as well talk to a door.   What if i told you Apple could easily buy 3x more semiconductors even when spending only 2x more than HP? Can you figure out why? Not only that, that does not invalidate what i said on my previous post. 
the 27 does.   They are much lighter, have better screens, are much faster, have high end graphics, are beautiful... The only sexy desktop.
Having this new 27" iMac is my tech dream right know... I saw the 21 model in person... It's so fast and beautiful, it's decoration and art by itself, there's nothing like that. I bet the 27" makes people having orgasms.
500 million will.   And you can count on a large slice of that 8 million pie too.
What are you talking about? you do realize that the naming scheme between iOS and android is totally different, especially when the latest APIs are concerned. right?   Apple has 90% of users on the latest OS (iOS 6). Android can't take advantage of jelly bean 4.1 API because less than 20% of users have it. In fact, in order to not to break 2.3 compability, everything is stuck there, a 3 year old lag-king mobile OS.
New Posts  All Forums: