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Compared to Apple and Samsung or even Asus/Lg/lenovo?   HP has nothing on phones, android, flash memory, small screens, etc. Their computers are low quality and poor build imitations of superior models, expecially their "envy" line (oh.. the irony) that sells 1 computer each decade.
it's as if they want to be sued by apple so they get fandroid's simpathy while looking as the good guy against big bad apple (and enjoying the free ads).
isn't this the same stupid and irrational thing?   I have no respect for this punks. Why not talk with apple first? bunch of morons. Sorry about the rant.
that's the power of 20 billion spent on brainwashing each year.
Is it? I think it isn't. HP has 0 buying power, so they get 0 advantages over Apple and other OEMs, in fact they get penalized.   What do they offer, here? Vanilla android (good on the surface, but 0 $ invest on apps or ecosystem and HP needs a differentiator to be seen as a viable android alternative = fail), low medium meh build quality (less than nexus 7), 2 cortex a9 with 0 engineering by HP to make them better (against the quad on the nexus 7) and since they are on...
Provide rational evidence.   The best seller in the last quarter was the iphone 5. The second? the 4s.
They are an international company that has corrupt leaders/board tainting the work of some of the finest engineers of the world. Oh, they also benefit from having plants in places that no one can see... It helps.   Samsung is a world company, just like Apple. Those sorts of boundaries are out of place, they have no special obligations to said countries.
What the hell are you talking about? It will be much slower than the iphone 5, just like the s3 is slower than the 4s. Is it too much to ask for some of you to inform yourselves before posting such things as facts?   Thanks in advance.
Yes, but not with phone apps on a tablet whose differentiator is a pen and despite having 4 cortex a9 at 1.5 and 2gb of ram, has basic lag and is utterly destroyed in real world usage by a device with half the cores and a fourth of the ram.   Then, i can bend it with my hands. How's that? I actually do love vanilla Android, and it's a well known fact that almost every single knowledgeable android user hates what Samsung does software wise.   They have this policy of...
This is where you are wrong. You and others like you don't matter. The ones that like Apple, love their products and buy them as long as they are the best, matter. That's us, not you and others like you.
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