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I would like to think that since he already has so much money (to the point that it doesn't matter how much) icahn really believes in Apple and isn't interested in making more billions no matter what. But that would be me being stupid. He only wants money to make more money, even if the world burns. I would understand it if he needed it to put food on the table, but guys like these? Trash.
Apple was always the outsider, the rebel. Deals like this are very important going forward. Due to huge loyalty levels, doing this educational push is the equivalent of laying the foundations for a great future, a future that has Apple in it. Not a corpse, like Nokia, Sony, etc, but has the heart and brain of innovation. It will give them the stability needed to do something bold, risky, rewarding. It can be the change in mentality from surviving (until the ipod),...
Well, but Nokia, Motorola, LG, Sony, Asus, Dell, HP and all all have awesome market share. Right? It's a shame that by pursuing such thing, they are corpses bleeding money on PC, phones and tablets.
Why? No one else is innovating. Why must be Apple the ones who innovate? Why before 2020?
How can you post such thing when it is quite obvious what is happening? Can't wait, looks like Apple is really gunning for it.A bigger iPhone and this. That's all I need from Apple, then I will be fine for at least 5 years.
That exists for obvious reasons, Google was going rogue to have those patents, remember? They were willing to pay more than everybody else COMBINED. So those companies formed a consortium, just like in WW2. Now they are eager to know why google was willing to pay so much for them. ahahah
This makes the whole different. Google is the one that is going rogue, offering billions for patents against consortiums, buying companies just for patents, trading patents with OEMs, etc. Apple only wants worthy opponents and respect. No copying, no willful infringement.
Maybe for mercy, because he knew what would happen to the VAIO line (being sold for peanuts)? Maybe he was a bad man, and since he knew what he would do to them with the iPod (Sony had the walkman, music rights, music production, movie production, brand power, etc. and they were eaten alive!) he would strike the last headshot by taking OS X away from them.
Apple has been hiring these professionals in the last few YEARS.   I know that this isn't Samsung insider, but it think that some of you should that a look at recent Samsung rumors (I saw it at Android central). Basically, a new app for the S5 was spotted. It is called S-health, and it has a flatter UI. Not flat like Windows phone or anything Google does, it really is an iOS app, design-wise. Why am I saying this?   Yes, Samsung can do as they please, but it is...
If North Koreans have this, just Imagine what sort of OS samsung runs on their headquarters, in the South. OS S 10.9.1, with the famous S-fari browser, and S-tunes. Not to mention the fantastic IDE, sCode, the sBooks app, s-messages, s-photo, s-movie etc.
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