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Is it? for 300 more you get a much faster processor, twice the ram, 4x the ssd storage, a much better OS and ecosystem, build quality. Is it?
I don't believe they haven't showed the friggin ps4
I don't know how much does it cost, but I'm only a student, i depend on my parents. Can't justify any console... On the other end, I can justify an iPad.   I have a macbook air that i absolutly love, and I'm sure that if AMD was in great financial shape, they would be able to provide a great alternative (CPU/GPU/battery life)for a macbook air.
Oh... So AMD finds a new steady source of revenue. it makes me want that PS4 succeds, so I can see AMD doing great again.
Are they the ones responsible for sony's GPU?
Alienware So the #PS4 is going to be more like a PC from last year? Hmm.. at least developers can knock it off with "PC-ports" from consoles. 20/02/13 23:19     Well... That's true.
well, you are. I said CPU vs CPU, do you even know what that is? Iphones were always faster, with slower CPUs. The 5 has an equal fast CPU (a marvel actually, a dual 1.2 going head on against a 1.5 quad), and iOS optimizations together with that CPU makes android "slow motion".   But for some reason you don't get it. Go and learn about it, then.
Moto has 4.5inch phone with the same size as the iphone (i believe it's the one with the intel processor). The new HTC looks great and it would fit nicely. 
I have a problem with that. you do realize they just had the best quarter ever with one less week, right? of course they won't grow so quickly again... They can't.   you and others like you talk like if apple is on a crysis.
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