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I have nothing against a big screen, in fact I want one. But S3 is bellow pretty much every single top model from other vendors, especially HTC.
Exactly, especially because there's no way 15 millions S3 were sold this quarter (and 18 the last one).   Still, one can be assured that they (samsung) sold more than than 10 million, that means that 10 million people are absolutely stupid and retarded. For me watching someone with a galaxy s3 is like watching those guys and girls with pants bellow their asses. It's retarded and it quickly shows how stupid and ignorant they are. 
That's embarassing.
Ok. Looks like you couldn't read the part where I said that iPhones were always much faster because of iOS optimizations, even with half the cpu power. I never said that android was the performance leader, far from it. That's java after all.   Then I think you missed this part: The new iPhone's GPU beats the mali used on the S3 by a factor of 3 on some tests.   Of course, just because android reached 2007 level of iOS smoothness you like to talk as if performance (UI...
  If you check anandtech's benchmarks, you will realize that CPU vs CPU, the dual 1.2 ghz a6 is as fast as the S3 QUAD. See? this never happened before, CPU vs CPU the S2 was much faster than the 4 and even the 4S.   But then you realize something... iOS is optimized and "native", no java BS emulation there, and this is why iPhones were always faster even with half the horse power of other phones.  Them, you see the next benchmarks. What do we get?   - We get that the...
The performance gap was never as big as it is now.
I'm sorry, but if you are talking about the iPhone, you are being irrational.   This screen looks great, but what you will see there are the same "amateur" apps (compared to apps designed FOR the iPhone 5) and no screen can change that. Will someone be able to lose so much power, UI speed, app and ecosystem quality, build quality, etc for something like this so they can say "1080p"? I guess not.
Seriously... this really troubles me. The amount of stupid people polluting forums (and actually buying phones) is staggering.   "Samsung needs competition". -- Seriously? Samsung represents the "trash" inside the android world. Only someone very very very stupid that can be easily manipulated buys galaxy S3. It's a fact, there's no discussion. Most highend phones are better than the s3 in EVERY SINGLE WAY, but because samsung spent 15 billions on advertising, I have...
htc is so stupid... They already had a better phone than the galaxy s3 (a much better phone). Hell, most OEMs have better phones than the s3... It's all about marketing and the fact that stupid people prefer the s3.
Hey...   Bill? Since when is Bill a better CEO than Ballmer? Bill was going to completely destroy MS (antitrust, stupid strategies). Ballmer took that POS that was windows 98 and XP and made windows 7. Windows 7 innovated 0, but was very fast, stable and secure, and doesn't looks like an ugly fat pig. A much better OS than anything Microsoft did before.   These new Lumia 920 are great phones, Bill was 0 at mobile.   Xbox's success belongs more to Ballmer than to...
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