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I'm sorry... But can't you read?   2 models.
LOL   Brightwire read AI forums and saw my posts about Apple releasing 2 models going forward. I hope they really do, i would love that (already said why). They don't need to do it, but for me (and countless millions) a 5 inch iPhone is a better device.
It's not about the stock, f*ck the stock, Apple makes 15 billion profit per quarter, who cares about a bunch of stupid and useless bastards?   It's about making the best products, and for millions of potential costumers each quarter (in worldwide numbers they could double the iPhone's market share) a bigger screen can make a slower/weaker/less powerful/equally expensive (s3, note, dna, xperia z, one x, etc) phone a better phone that the iPhone.   If you browse the web a...
Shut up... On developed countries Macs are "the" computers, even outselling other brands and their cheap sh*t. On educated people, Apple outsells every single OEM (doctors, university students, journalists, hell... google, HP former CEO, engineers, CEOs, etc).
Sh*t... Seriously, do you have any sort of cognitive problem?   The new phone doesn't have to outsell the current model (4") or even half of it to be worth it and a great idea. That's something only someone without the minimum requirement of intelligence to be seen as a "normal" person would say. It can be a model with even better margins and selling 20million per quarter if done right. Together with 40million+ of the current model, and you have the idea of how much...
And that's where Android's market share is higher (just like some of you say).   Imagine worldwide.
Because all these phones lose on every single metric against the iPhone (besides the screen size) and android does not provide a similar user experience. even if it is half of that number, do the math.
So limited...   40 million S3, 10 million note 2, 30 million (razr, xperia, One, dna, EVERY SINGLE high end android phone now) costumers Apple lost just because they do not offer big screens.   All these phones lose on everything else, cost the same, but have bigger screens, that's the reason they sell. Would you lose something if Apple creates another iPhone model?   Stop your non-sense, please. 
1. And apple never made a 7" tablet, instead they made a "better" tablet for those that want something smaller. You can't disagree, it's a fact.   2. yes, for me that's the only reason... That form factor, display ratio makes no sense. it was just to gain time (at least it looks like it...) but that' a small part about the iphone 5. it is now the best phone ever created, and the difference between iPhone and top android phones was never as big as it is now. Performance,...
Now, seriously, would you have a problem if Apple release a bigger screen iPhone alongside the current 4"? what is your problem with that? Millions and Millions of people per quarter are buying 4.5" phones just because of the screen size, while losing performance, screen quality, etc... and paying the same. 
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