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That's right!   2880*someting for a 326ppi iPad 9.7" Current iPad resolution for a 326ppi mini   Current iPad resolution for a 500something ppi new 5inch iPhone (iPhone X) updated iphone 5s   that's it... then all analysts would shut up.   Oh no, while at it, give us the option to install bootcamp for iOS, so we can use windows and android! Oh no, while at it, stop making macs. Apple only makes more money from macs than all OEMs from pcs together......
What stupid quote? Are you insinuating something?       /s 
Microsoft does nothing...   That's just a "no chromebooks please!"
Can't wait to see Apple doing the same (for different reasons).   I really like what Dell is doing. Ubuntu high end laptops, more quality, etc. It's a shame they accepted Microsoft's bribe, so we won't see high-class chromebooks...   I really hope they go head on software and services, maybe even a new Office suite to compete on the windows market (that's still huge), more contribution to open source, mac apps (this one would be great). 
Most android users use their phones for sms, calls and the ocasional facebook. As long as it does this and companies like sony keep vomitating "pc companion" on us, they are good to go.   If someone thinks that more than 5% of Android phones are "high end", they are delusional. In fact, that jelly bean part? 4.1 but they are already on 4.2. It's a disgusting mess and only someone retarded can see that as a good thing.
I bet Angry birds has more players than crysis, so more people want angry birds.   If responsible parents start to tell kids to buy their own games, instead of paying 60 bucks for each one (or going to piratebay), or to go run outside/play football, you would realize how the number of crysis 3 players would aproach to 0 very quickly.   I mean, games should be for fun, playing with friends and family. Getting fat, full of acne, closed on a room all week, loosing the...
And buy BB.
It looks great. Let's just hope they do not enter the spec game (let that to stupid fandroids that understand 0 about tech and engineering) and create an unique ecosystem.   I would love a blackberry for under 300 euros, I can't justify more than that.
If I was ignorant (like the majority of surface buyers, 3 people) i would get really pissed off about this.   (Can we install ubuntu on surface?)
Since most of their products have lower quality than similar offerings (the OS, office for "light" users, etc) and some people try to force others to use them, they should be free, right?   Or, since using windows is a pain compared to OSX, they should pay me to use it, right?
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