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Ok, finally Apple is starting to cure deceases with their phones. Finally Cook! Now the stock can go up to 1000$. Unless of course the next version still can't use robotic arms controlled by NFC, the new must have thing on the block! (just like the s-pen, surface's keyboard, you know) /s
you do realize APPL has 85% of ATT 65% of Verizon 60% of sprint, right?   They wouldn't dare. In fact, it the rumor comes that verizon will do it, Apple just needs to ask for a much bigger deal (all iphones free on contract) otherwise they stop selling iPhones to verizon and they disappear 1 year later. You just can't piss off Apple right now. 
You see...   The company lost one third because of ignorance rumours fear and (especially) stupidity. I mean... Thanks to cook (if you make the right adjustments) net profit was up 8% and Apple just had the best quarter this world has seen.   This is where you are "one of them" and you lose all credibility. Before registering to this site, everyone should have to make an IQ test and an overall Knowledge-test.
Even if that was true (it isn't), so what? It's an extremely useful feature that can provide a better experience. Please, let's not be blind here.
  Without profits? Another one... almost 14 billions, up 8%, with all those production problems are what? The problem is that you guys left your little brains on a bag and are letting a poor and stupid algorithm doing things for you.
Power. I want an Atomic bomb, although I know I can't use it.   It's all about power and sending a message.
your definition of support is strange.   Say that to lumia buyers.
Everyone I know that has an android phone (the ones that Apple is after) do that.
no no no... are you guys blind? There's a brand new iPod touch with great margins for 329. put only 8gb, put a 3.5" retina (much cheaper), 800mhz a5 and you have an amazing new and great phone with 0 R&D, BOM of less than 160, machinery ready.   299, GREAT BUILD QUALITY, margins of more than 40%, much more marketshare so stronger ecosystem revenue. Same stuff they did with the mini.
No they can't. There's not a single rational people on this world that's going to pay full price for a 3 year old phone. No one. It has to be "new" and look "new", even if it is worse! That's how almost everyone thinks.   about the second sentence... It has to do with both. The note is as expensive or more, the galaxy s3 has almost the same base-price. If you can buy a 599 phone, you can buy a 699 and you will, if you think it's better.   There's a potential market of 50...
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