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It's just a game, no big deal.
Who said that? and yes they are a one trick poney right now. "we do everything worse, but cheaper-and-change-is-not-necessary-let's-live-in-the-past sort of strategy". 
a5, 3.5inch (my guess) or 4 retina, similar iPod-touch design, 8 gb, 249 or 299. What's your problem? at 299 it has at least 50% margins. Development and research are done, machinery is ready, supply is strong, BOM should be less than 160, much less (the new iPhone is at most 260 BOM, right?).   This is the device between 20% market share and 40%. A 5inch phone is the device between 20% market share and almost 30%.   Together this is the difference between 20% market...
Exactly, and force people to upgrade. At first, those that for some reason do not like it, would buy/stick to win7, there's no other option for the traditional user. Then, Microsoft should just push forward with it, what can the Adobe or IT departments and even OEMs of this world do?   That way, everybody wins.
Let's use our brains a little, shall we?   Sales of windows 8 are 70% WORSE than VISTA, despite all the ultrabook propaganda, surface propaganda, win 8 tablets BS. The end of that road is getting closer.   Obviously Microsoft is a very nice company with some good talent so they have dozens of new ways to maintain that amazing profit margins and to try something new. What would I do? Just destroy the traditional desktop interface, all the legacy code and create a ultrafast...
Great! They focus pretty hard on graphics and WIFI, performance, Windows 8 support for bootcamp! Should be just perfect!
a) big screen b) ads for those stupid and insecure people that think that bigger screen or more cores = better phone.
No. All galaxy line of models sold less than 100 million since their creation... You can barely see high end samsung phones and they "only" had 6 billion on profit from fridges TVs missiles and tanks, etc.   My educated guess? Less than 20% were high end phones (note+s3+s2).
Don't be naive.   Do you know what is between Apple and 300$? Nothing! There's no reason behind APPL. It can go all the way down... Since Apple is growing so much and is by far the most powerful/strong company, it means nothing to them, but for shareholders it can be a very dangerous game to play.   Don't be emotional, lot's of people are losing money because they are trying to use emotion/logic/tech knowledge to make decisions about buying shares, don't do that. Think...
That's impossible! How can Apple outsell 3000 OEMs with their fabs on obscure countries that do not care about human rights? They have 1 single line, and they can't even keep up with demand! Right know, Apple is full gas and making 11 billion per quarter of net profit per quarter because of iOS and it's ecosystem.   Outselling android? Impossible. That would mean 90 billion per quarter from iOS. They would need to find a way to sell 300 million devices per quarter to go...
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