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Are you drunk? Besides the mac (easy explanation.. one less week, problems with demand for retina models (v1.0) and iMac), iPhone growth was huge and iPad growth was out of this world.   What are you talking about, here? People are forgetting that this was the best quarter the world has ever saw (revenue).
Are all of you guys insane? You people talk like if earnings were bad...   13.1 billion!!! no one is close... and yet the stock goes down. (remember, profit was up 8%. 13 weeks vs 14)
Apple had 8% more profit yoy (13 vs 14 weeks) with all the production problems we already knew. They had the biggest yearnings in history.   and you are vomiting this?   Why can't Apple just use a bigger screen and ARMs base chip architecture with 0 innovation, just like everyone else and let the ecosystem and brand power do the rest? They would still sell more highend phones than anyone else, and making the same profit (look at the galaxy line).   Please, don't say such BS.
Why must Apple innovate at the same pace they did?   They are the only ones doing something relevant at consumer-level... even if they innovate 0 in the next few years, they are still undervaluated. What are the others doing? Nothing! just copying and "bigger screens". 150 billions on cash, 0 debt and the biggest quarter the world has seen (revenue)?   Well... this is what the world gets for putting stupid irrelevant people without knowledge trying to "predict"...
That's being stupid.   13 weeks vs 14 weeks, billions and billions invested.
the "mac" is bigger than google.   the "iPad" is bigger than microsoft.   the "iPod" is bigger than Dell.   What are you afraid of?
Sorry, but use your brain a little.   iPhone - 2007 iPad - 2010 now - january 2013. see?
I really hope this keeps going so:   -stupid expectations disappear -Apple goes private.   Meanwhile they will make billions after billions, while making the best products ever. At the end of the day, that's all I care... Products.
Don't be stupid. Don't do it... Sell everything.   The stock has nothing to do with Apple's performance... it's a joke, pure gambling. Do you want to gamble all that money? Buy me an iPhone instead, i would love that and would contribute more for the world!
who cares, since revenue and profit is going up? Do you at least know what you are talking about? Then we have this P/E... It's hillarious.
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