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2011, actually.
hillarious! 13 billion in profit and the stock will lose at least 15%... lol
You don't know what you are talking about.   After 1 year windows 8 (if everything is enabled) will eat more than 40gigs alone.
no no no no.    That's the reason the new model sells 90%. The others, no matter how good, are 1 year old +. People (especially PAYG users but even contract users) do not like that. They cost almost the same as the new one but they are old.   If 10 people are looking for a cheaper model, the majority won't pay more for the new phone, they will buy something that's new and costs less, even if it's worse... if not, they wouldn't be looking for something cheaper first.   New...
Do you know what i love about that link?   Stupid fandroids say that all apple users are sheeps that always buy the latest model no matter what and they are ignorants (they are right, to some extent. Some iPhone users are like that). I say the large majority of highend android phone buyers are stupid and ignorant, and I'm right. There's no logical reason to buy a galaxy s3, and it is by far the best selling android phone. They think their phones are more advanced...
Facts:   - There's a market with millions of monthly subscribers willing to pay 700$ just for a big screen. - Apple provides the best hardware and the best ecosystem - Apple could provide a much better 5" phone than anyone else - Apple has the necessary resources.   What can go wrong?   -Nothing.   What's in it for Apple?   - Millions and Millions of new users per quarter that otherwise wouldn't buy an iPhone. - More marketshare at the expense of rivals better costumers...
Letters with meaning.   1.   iPhone X (the best iPhone, 5inch screen, expensive as sh*t, outsells all phablets combined)   iPhone (similar to today's iphone, with 4.2 screen, same price)   iPhone air ( 3.5 or 4inch screen, similar to same-generation iPod touch, cheaper)   2. Terminate previous iPhone models production. 3. New Dev tools and stronger ecosystem. 4. more market share 5. Profit 6. World domination.
Do not buy a Macbook pro at all, unless it is a retina model. I don't know what you need your mac to do, but I'm almost certain that a macbook pro is a very very stupid thing to buy right know. (that's my advice).   Why? The Air is much faster, unless you put an SSD model on the MBP. The air is much lighter, same battery life, has a screen with more resolution... But f*ck that... The huge difference is the SSD.   Then rumours are saying that Apple will kill the MBP, and...
That's just a bug (MplayerX).   Besides, I "can't" use VLC anymore. MplayerX UI, amazing and useful gestures, ability to always maintain aspect ratio when resizing the video, ability to remember when you last stopped (even when you close the app and open again), ability to go from ep1 to ep2 to ep3 (etc) automatically, makes MplayerX much superior, especially when you consider that it even plays more formats than VLC...   When this bug is fixed, it's 100-0.
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