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But how do i do that on my mac without extensions?   I'm now trying click2flash, but the option to play on quicktime appears for juts one second, then it says that i don't have flash and the option for quicktime is erased. 
Are you serious? But what do I do with cycling feeds, for example? Can I play them with Quicktime too?
Not all videos, but the majority isn't html5.
Well, I use Safari 99% of the time I'm browsing.   The "problem" is, FLASH. Remember flash? I hate all things adobe (much more than google) so i refuse to go to their site and download that poor coded resource hog pile of trash (like all things adobe). However sometimes I need flash, especially for cycling feeds during the year, youtube videos, you know the drill.   There's only one browser with flash built-in, and I must have it installed. There's no problem...
I like Opera, i really do. But Safari (mac and iOS) is by far the fastest (and better looking) browser we can use.
Wasn't his name Steve P. Jobs Corleone? He makes offers that lesser people cannot refuse.
I seriously hope that the ones doing this are put in jail. This is criminal.
No, it happens to a lot of mac users. Lots of people talking about it. Usually my air shuts down in 2 seconds (max) but with mountain lion, it takes up to 10 seconds. It's a huge difference on a machines like the air, that boots up in less than that. It looks like people with SSDs are the ones that notice this... Windows 7 takes 2 to 3 seconds to shut down, for example.   Obviously OSX is so superior and beautiful that i don't mind it, but it should be fixed.   The WIFI...
Well, Mountain Lion is fast and realiable, the best OS out there, obviously.   However, random WIFI drops, shutdown times and memory leaks must be resolved. And the OS can still be faster, "lighter".   Can't wait for this update :) they are taking their time for sure.
This makes sense, so the stock will tank another 5% tomorrow. :) I think this is so funny, from every perspective.
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