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Facebook is just amazing (currently the only amazing company that i know that is doing great things (besides apple) is dropbox). Can't wait :)
Do you have any sort of cognitive problem? Do you see a 450 € 2 year old phone (4) where most people earn 500 to 1000€ per month as "cheap"?   Anyway, I don't like this idea. Apple's "problem" is related with screen size (they would sell a lot of 5 inch phones) and stupid people that think that the iphone is less powerful than most other phones because it is dual core. Basically that's it.
Not at all... Take china out of the equation and Apple still makes more money than everyone else.
Don't you like this lenbook pro?   http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Lenovo+-+IdeaPad+Ultrabook+13.3%22+Laptop+-+4GB+Memory+-+500GB+Hard+Drive+%2B+32GB+SSD+-+Graphite+Gray/5599296.p?id=1218670777857&skuId=5599296#tab=overview
So,   Lenovo copies the MBP and other designs and is rising, Hp copies the MBP in a disgusting way (envy lol) and is rising, Asus copies the air and other designs and is rising, Samsung copies the air, the mini, etc and is rising,   Meanwhile, when Dell was trying to up their game (they even launched a phone..) and stoping making crap, supports ubuntu, etc, the marketplace and IT world doesn't care, because it isn't neither cheap or Apple clones.   The...
NO NO! same design as an iMac p+but but a 680m inside that thing along with fiber TB cables!!
No, they are not. the rMBP is. Please, do not speak about some random ports.
This isn't "natural", it already happened even with Steve.   This is CORRUPTION.
And Apple could only catch up with demand a few weeks ago.
That's not true, not the quarter after christmas.
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