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BS.   HP makes MBP clones at the highend, Dell actually tries something. there's no evidence to support what you said.
This is hillarious. Stupid and incompetent businessmen/engineers/etc aka "Analyst" fighting against each other and manipulating the stock.   Anyway, 6million macs this quarter.
I hope someone investigates this so called "analysts", "WSJ sources", etc. It's disgusting and only someone retarded cannot see what's going on.   Even if this story is half-true, it's obvious the reason isn't weak demand. Bunch of ignorant people.
It's going to tank big time. Even without the iPhone Apple is underrated.
No, current geeks are idiots that do not matter for anything, like fandroids with their ROMs, people running cars, etc. That's not being passionate, that's not loving android, that's not loving cars. Oh, and they love to pirate software, because pirating is "cool" and writing/using "office activator" is so badass! /s   A competent professional programmer or software engineer, are not geeks. Geek has nothing to do with being smart or competent. Geek is all about changing...
That's very good, isn't it?   I seriously hope they terminate production of cMBP, current Mac pro and maybe even the mini, so they can focus everything on Airs and rMBP. Better screens and Haswell for Airs, cheaper rMBP (400$ at least), dGPU for 13" rMBP, updated dGPU for 15", Haswell for rMBP, mavbe a 17" model with something special. New desktop model to substitute the Mac Pro.   Then, more focus on the software side of things, please. Better iWork, true...
And some people say Apple patents shouldn't be awarded. Imagine what sort of things samsung tries to patent (5000 patents), but nobody gives a damn.   Only Apple matters.
besides windows itself. And IE. and recent games with the "must be online" shit. and office, that bloated piece of shit. Adobe, too. I'm I missing something?
Less expensive with bigger screen? No no no.   My bet? (I'm the guy that was 80% right about the mini, against everyone. why? because I'm awesome)   - Same price/ more expensive 5 inch iPhone, iPhoneX (as i said on other threads) - iPhone 5S, 100dollars cheaper.   No low-end.
The iphone outsells every highend model put together at least 3 to one. Less than 14 million S3 SHIPPED this quarter...
New Posts  All Forums: