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A phone is a phone? Apple never made phones. Instead they are making awesome computers that make calls. I spend more time on youtube, games, books, magazines, web and facebook messenger than making calls. A bigger iPhone is a better iPhone for people like me. Then you have bigger batteries. And no, 1200+ € for an iPhone + iPad combo when I already have a Macbook Air is not an option. Also that combo wouldn't fit in my pocket. For me, and 80 million others per quarter is:...
Why would someone post something so stupid i don't know.... A 5" iphone makes all the sense in the world. It's too big for the typical iPhone buyer? that would be awesome because they would still be able to buy and use the other 4" iPhone line. The 5" iPhone line would be targeted for those 80 million that each quarter prefer and buy a bigger phone. Get it? need some time?
And if you had a brain, and since Apple is having their best year ever, you would realize that those things (that are out of context, btw) are proof that Apple's true core and talent are still there. Steve was vital to bring those guys together, but he wasn't vital anymore, just the face.
What a stupid post. For Apple to die in 10 years, they must starting to lose 2 billion dollars per quarter as of now.You will die first.
Do you really believe this? If you do, please run as fast as you can to the closest hospital and stay there. So, if I suck at everything related with design and engineering, and sell every high quality "small screen" i can make to other companies, can't make powerful normal sized smartphones, can't make normal sized smartphones because their battery life is very short.... and end up making a big phone, I'm an innovator? That's what happened to samsung, pal. If they could,...
80 million? pfft...   More than 60 million iPhones;    --- Apple's flagship model is selling much more than iPhone 5. iPhone 5c is selling more than the 4s did, last year. 4s => 4. More than 30 million iPads;  ---- iPad mini retina without compromises, fresh iPad Air, cheaper iPad mini. More than 10 million iPods; ---- iPods are iPods... Most are iPod touch. More than 6 million Macs. ---- Best quarter ever for the Mac is assured. No supply problems (besides the pro)....
A post full of ignorance. Do you seriously believe that? Heck, Apple should buy tripadvisor today and incorporate it on Maps, otherwise google will do it.
Google 5 years ago: A fantastic search engine.Google now (pun): The 2nd most powerful company in the world, with almost full pocession of the most valuable resource found on planet earth: data. They also are the only hope of PC OEMs, Phone OEMs, car OEMs, TV OEMs and pretty much every single company that is afraid of Apple, so they will go only up. I thought we knew that stock price itself means nothing.
Looks to me that you are totally right. Google has been making some great decisions and playing to their strenghts. Larry Page is a fantastic CEO. Meanwhile Apple has 160 billion staying still. Money like that = 0 if it isn't beeing put to good use. Of course, some members will come here saying that money doesn't make good produtcs, but Waze could've been a great "weapon" for Apple Maps. Sparrowfor Apple mail. etc. What you and me must keep in mind is that Apple is the...
Or intelligence. The 2nd best company in the world bought a great "start up" for something that should be seen as an irrelevant number. 3.2 billion is a quarter for Google and money was made to be spent (with the goal of getting even more).
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