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You are obviously worried, don't be.   If you invested while using your brain (you used money you had that wasn't needed right now) don't worry. Apple is making tons of money, have low market shares, selling as much as they can of every product (even software and music), ramping up productions... it can only go up.
So what?   It's 100% Apple and ARM now, samsung has nothing to do with it, they engineer 0 for Apple processors, they are the cheaper and probably the better (at such quantities) at manufacturing and that's it.
And that's not what he meant.   What he said is that Samsung can even use the same plants that build the a6 to build exynos, since the basics are the same.   In fact, Samsung only copies the basics of ARM and adds nothing to then, that's why the A6, despite not being totally A-15, absolutely destroy the exynos 5 dual at pretty much any meaningful, even by a factor of 2, so the exynos is easy to produce. Will the exynos quad keep up? I guess not.   Apple, with the a6, got...
  You stated a few facts and I cannot say anything about them because they are, well.. true.   But on the other side,   Foxconn is better than ever, TSMC is only going up, Apple is saving Sharp, Apple is slowly bringing LG up...   So,   working for Apple is very hard, but they can profit from it... In fact, entire corporations can be saved by it. It's in Apple's best interest that all these corporations are healthy, so they can compete between them and squeeze margins, to...
If you invest a lot in me, if you trust me, and i betray you, what will the others do? invest in me too without at least thinking twice?   Everyone knows that if they use Samsung and if their products accomplish success, Samsung will stab them, as they always did in every single segment they are in. they are a copy machine and they bring 0 innovation/risk/something new and fresh (at consumer level) to the table. That's Samsung for you, except the mafia/criminals part.
Samsung also has a part in it.   With their max market-share strategy, they are eating everyone on the low end. Until the market saturates, samsung will go on to sell 100 million smartphones per quarter...   Apple will keep going up, obviously, but at a much slower pace, which is perfect for them... the rest is irrelevant for Apple. Even if there was no one else, Apple wouldn't be able to sell more phones, they can't keep up with demand right know.
And this is why i believe that Apple has a difficult decision in front of them.   a) keep selling at current rates and higher with Samsung. b) Sell less devices to get way from samsung (right know no one can completely take their place). c) invest 10s of billions in one or 2 manufactures to produce the same/higher amounts without samsung. (TSMC, sharp, Lg, sony, more foxconn, etc)   This ( c) )could hurt samsung a lot, because if companies like sony or LG have 100% of...
  trolltalk, galbi, droid, etc.
Troll, troll, troll.   They pay what they have to pay because, unlike you, they have brains. It's legal, they are right.   And I can bet that you never used an Apple product before. Hell... Are you even twenty? Are you ashamed of what? Since when can a public company make someone feel ashamed (besides Samsung)? You are just a no-life troll. End of it.   Who here wants to bet that this "droid" was someone else a few days ago?
How sweet! Both stupid disgusting and irrational trolls getting along... who would've thought?   Nice trolls... Or troll. Sock-puppet? 
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