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Yes trolltalk, there is. it's called "samsung".
Yes and it truly confuses me how they are allowed to post, when everyone knows who the usual trolls are and what they are up to.
Will Apple use multitouch gestures on their amazing trackpads when win8 is supported by bootcamp? It would be the best win8 experience for every laptop.   I would like to try it out.
Oh... that means tha no one is buying them! I bet that today the stock goes under 500$ :)
The way i see it, only a stupid or an idiot would have said what you said previously, so TS has a point. Sorry.
Great article.
The Merc is... there's no words for that masterpiece. The "perfect" car?
Not really, there's countless videos of the s65amg beating new ferraris (straight line) while having the beauty and luxury that's anonymous to ferrari.
Why would he do that tool talk? I only found your ignorance and lack of notion of reality real funny... there's nothing wrong you that.   Keep up the good work tooltalk.
It's multiple platform, they gave to every user from our university 25 gigs + previous storage (free.. Dropbox space race challenge), stable, fast, ease of use, widespread, etc.   Tried Google drive, box and skydrive. Both use more resources even on idle mode, are less widespread, with box you do not have a free app and storage on your computer, etc.   Is it enough?
New Posts  All Forums: