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ahahahahahah..   lolololololol   kakakakakaka   Yes.. those less than 10 million (they sayd they "sold" 30million gs3) per quarter, much lesser actually, are the ones responsible for it.   ahahahahahaha
Wow... I see cars as a great thing in the future of Apple.   But are they seriously starting with "the" car manufacturer, Ferrari?   (Actually, **** Ferrari, nothing beats a class s65 amg type of thing.)
I don't agree with you.   I live in Portugal and I'm studying mechanical engineering at the best Portuguese university. All students organize all sorts of materials/exams/etc. and share it through Dropbox. It works great.   It works very well to save all of your documents, like i do (since unlike iCloud, dropbox saves the files on the computer too), your photos (it even has similar features like uploading your photos from your phone, etc)...   It truly is the best cloud...
hmm... this is interesting. I hope it is free, like iOS.   In fact, it only makes sense for it to be free.
Are you seriously even trying? Haven't you read my last post?   You are trying to explain this to a "daharder", it's no good.   He just comes here to "dump" his opinion on us, not to have an healthy and/or useful discussion.
Exactly.   Time and time again we have to deal with the same non-sense, the stupidity from some posters that do not understand the difference between BOM and actual cost per device and the fact that they truly DO NOT WANT to understand it. They are here just for bashing and laugh at the ones that buy this device or any other product made by Apple.   That's stupidity and ignorance.   However, even if the BOM was 2 dollars, so what? It's totally irrelevant. This is the best...
How many of them will be in Portugal?
I don't believe that. For me, ML is much more Ram-efficient.   I believe that the cause of problems is almost always related with HD. SSD all the way....
Unfortunately it isn't. Samsung does not make true (and the irrational troll becomes clueless) High PPI displays for their products (surprise).   is this one the first? I don't know... But if it is, you can bet that it will lose for the iPad in every other screen related duel. (not to mention phone apps on it)
Not really...   The iPad has a faster UI, so it's the fastest tablet ever made. it also does have tablet apps, great color accuracy and stuff like that (you don't know about it, obviously), so it's the best screen ever made (it actually has an use.. it wasn't made for phone apps.) The port.. it's also the most versatile.
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