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Don't fool yourself.. Cook has really been showing who the boss is.   I just hope that Ive does not even think about getting on Cook's way to world domination...   *and down the stock goes... But by how much?   lucky besterds, another buying opportunity. but 600 a share? i don't have enough money to buy one single share.. lol
I believe that this one is a true beta tester for them. Since it's a 13" and it will sell (you can bet on it..), prices for some kwy components will come down, engineering will be perfected and before you know it, regular 13" and 15" models will disappear, and retina models prices will come down (400$, maybe). Only retina models and macbook air will be sold in 2014. Wanna bet?
Battery battery battery.
Haswell and 16gb option is a must before it can be considered a good investment.   I still see the macbook air as the best laptop (price/performance/quality) one can buy... it only needs an IPS display and even better battery life.
So... before the end of November. I read it as between 25-30 November.
The mac plataform has less than 10% market share, and it sold 3million ML copies.
What?? Are you insane??   One more year of Bill Gates as CEO and Microsoft would be destroyed by governments and other entities, but that's not the important thing to remember.   The important thing to remember is that win7 is a great OS, win8 is a fresh idea (the "previous" Microsoft never made something new), windows RT and phone are nice alternatives. Then you have xBox, kinnect...   Microsoft is better with him than it was in Bill Gates last years. 
your post makes no sense since Apple's UI is so much faster. the s3 loses in every single way. speed, graphics, screen, camera, weight, etc.
Arrrrgghh.. i'm still waiting for "itunes 11 arrives".
Let it be... The stock is irrelevant.   What is relevant is that apple is the only tech company that "get's it" and is willing to do something better. The others are parasites.   I fail to see why this cannot be a great move in every way. 
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