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 Having a couple teenagers of my own, I can assure you that they care about upgrading. Doesn't mean they can, though.
 I really don't think this is true, at least for college students. When my students bring devices to class, it's laptops 90% of the time at least. Some *also* bring tablets, but almost nobody brings a tablet exclusively. Those who bring both do all of their typing on the laptop and use the tablet as a reader. For what it's worth, I would guess that the Mac market share amongst my students' laptops is about 30-40%, so there's a way in which the younger generation is moving...
 More relevant (important?) than Lincoln or Edison? Woah now, let's check back in a hundred or a hundred and fifty years. 
 The expression he's caught with is more of a problem than the weight. This is the kind of picture you use to embarrass somebody, like the pictures of Trump's hair floating away that newspapers use when they're running a negative story about him. 
 I (a man) have had a rose gold wedding band for twenty years now that was handed down through my wife's family from a time when rose gold was more popular than it is today (unless Apple brings it back). My rose gold ring is MUCH less rose than Apple's rose gold, which looks downright pink by comparison. For what it's worth.
I realize that blown out highlights are probably going to be a feature of this flash, but you'd think that Apple would've picked a sample photo without them. 
 That's the Watch. It's a little oversized.
We just want you to know that Google/the NSA/the Chinese/the Illuminati are watching you.
This is nasty business. Hopefully Apple can develop an automated way to detect whether developers are using legitimate versions of development tools as part of the App Store approval process.
 Yeah, it could just be this particular photograph. The cord could hardly be more prominent in the way that it's framed. I certainly haven't noticed them in the store before. I might've left the table unplugged for the photo, since the screens don't show anyway. 
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