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 I still prefer to edit writing on paper (at least after the initial grammar/spelling pass), but of course I print that at work. And I tend to print anything else that absolutely has to be on paper at work and pay back the regulation 4c a page for it. At home I only have an art printer (Epson R2880), but you can't buy ink for that at Staples. I haven't had a laser printer since my last HP LaserJet failed like 10 years ago. Or any other high-volume printer.
 It'll be interesting to see how seriously Google takes becoming a hardware company. Between my wife and I, we've owned a Galaxy Nexus (manufactured by Samsung), a Nexus 4 (LG), and a Nexus 5 (LG). The Galaxy Nexus was terrible -- dim screen, bad sound, lousy battery life -- but the Nexus 4 and 5 have served us very well. All three, provided you're on a GSM carrier, have had immediate updates straight from Google and no manufacturer overlay or delays. If Google really...
 This post seems inconsistent. Is Samsung's new software going to suck (in which case the fortunes of Samsung's Android-based competitors will presumably revive) or be good/great (in which case why do you say they suck?). Android's got a pretty big ecosystem nowadays, and a brand that people recognize in the marketplace. Unless Samsung entirely cuts its ties with Android, I suspect that customers are going to want to buy their Android-based products preferentially. The...
 Far more likely that T-Mobile wants customers for its data plans, on which it makes way more money than it does on selling devices. Big price cuts = free publicity, as we see here.
 Oh, I'm sure there will be appeals, probably by both sides, regardless of how the case goes. What I'm worried about is that this video -- which Apple does not need to present -- may give Samsung grounds for a successful appeal.  Chances are Samsung will appeal Koh's order now, before the trial, but they could let it linger to use it to undermine an unfavorable decision in the broader case.
Honestly, this decision worries me a little. The trial doesn't require the video, and including the video (if appellate judges disagree with Koh that it may prejudice the jury) may provide Samsung with grounds for appeal if they lose. Better not to show it. There are other ways to introduce the jurors to patent issues. 
 I can't blame the regular contributors to Wikipedia (I am not one, but I have to advise my students on how to use it -- not because I recommend it, but because they will use it even if I tell them not to) for losing patience with people who refuse to understand the editing norms that they've developed. Look at any of the scads of Wikipedia policy pages. When people parachute in based on a DED editorial and think they know what the hell they're doing, they're going to get...
 Correcting the Wiki page doesn't sell ads on AI.
 Maybe they're using Mechanical Turk for app approvals. ;)
Non-compete agreements are legal in some states, but not California (in almost all circumstances).   California also typically refuses to enforce non-compete agreements settled in other states.    This is why the employers tried to form a cartel: they couldn't achieve what they wanted through NCAs in California. (That they also may not have been legally able to form a cartel to have the same effect is a separate question.)   Trade secrets aside (and these can be...
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