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There better be a way to disable that nonsense. So not interested.
18 million is stunningly optimistic. The iPhone, which surely has a larger audience, sold about 10 million the first year; the iPad sold only a couple million.    The second generation will probably sell 20 million in its first year, but I don't think the first generation is likely to see that kind of uptake that quickly.
 "We" clearly doesn't include the judge. Should judges just consult the AI community whenever a case involving Apple comes up? I don't think that will fly as a legal principle.
Man, people are mindlessly defensive about Apple here sometimes. I would've preferred that the district settle on iPads or, if they had to have laptops, Apple laptops, but...   My kids' school district is now using 100% Chromebooks after experimenting for three years with a 50/50 mix of iPads and Chromebooks. All four major audiences pushed for the Chromebooks: the taxpayers via the board wanted the device that costs 2/3 less (after adding a keyboard to an iPad), the...
 Doesn't matter. Jarndyce and Jarndyce drones on.
I see lots of little Nexus tablets around here. My trips to Europe suggest that Android tablets are pretty popular over there, too (albeit probably not three times as popular). Apple (and third party case manufacturers) makes its logo so visible that it catches the eye, but a lot of "anonymous" tablets turn out to be Android on close inspection. Plus most app-makers are putting out Android versions nowadays; I doubt they'd bother if there were no market. That said, I've...
Wait...so GT has agreed to sell a couple thousand of these furnaces to pay back Apple, but the furnaces have serious yield problems. Who's going to buy them? 
 Those two facts aren't necessarily connected. Just because the devices are selling well doesn't mean they're going to turn out to have adequate memory for iOS 9, 10, etc., even if they're fine for iOS 8. 
 Wow. Somebody's sensitive about adoption rates.  I'm not going to upgrade my herd of iPad 2s. Lots of anecdotal evidence suggests that iOS 8 is sluggish on the 2, I don't feel like sorting out my kids' media and apps to make space for it, and given what my kids use the things for they don't need it anyway.  Fragmentation of versions is probably going to grow over time: earlier versions of iOS had very high and very quick adoption because the relative share of recent...
With all the snide talk about buggy whips and iPod sales being down 70% and Apple not making products for the 1%, you'd think that nobody is buying iPods at all, but the market's not down 99%, it's down 70%.    Not that I own one or want to own one, heh.    Still, I prefer to have the media on my phone. Mobile broadband is inadequate for reliable streaming where I live, and where a lot of people live. It's getting better, but outside of big cities it's often still not...
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