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If iTunes/Apps go up dramatically as a proportion of Apple's sales, what effect is that likely to have on margins? (They ceiling at 30% in iTunes/App Store, right? Less cost of sales, of course.)
 Now that's some quality service! 
 I think that was the Apple ///: http://books.google.com/books?id=mXnw5tM8QRwC&lpg=PA245&pg=PA41#v=onepage&q&f=false
 Atlanta has real heat, and is mostly newer built than cities in the northeast and midwest. Window a/c is common even in nice old-built apartments and houses further north. 
 Good biopics never equal the person they're covering, but they can help spread the word: Gandhi, Malcolm X, Hotel Rwanda -- these films are in no way perfect, but they bring a character and a history to a wider audience. (nb. I do not believe that Jobs's legacy is as meaningful as Gandhi's.)
 That's the main use case I see for SD cards. Serious photographers, or even casual photographers while on trips, need to have removable storage. But then, good as phone cameras are getting, they're not going to catch up to quality cameras without some sort of breakthrough in optics.  And video takes up even more space. 
 I think about 95% of the uses of the word "doomed" on this site are now by people who are pro-Apple. To me, the joke is tired. I thought about making it into a drinking game, but I'd be dead of alcohol poisoning in two hours. 
I didn't have the slightest interest in the Kutcher one, but this is starting to sound like quality: Sorkin, Isaacson, Fincher, Bale? Wow.   Now get Giamatti to play Woz.
 I bet they have pretty good resumes for the five local Apple Stores that put FirstTech out of business!
 Hard to tell which part of this was intended to be sarcastic, but I think your classism is showing. There are a lot of perfectly good houses in this country that were built before central a/c, and there are lots of parts of the country where the weather is such that you really only need to cool a bedroom or two at night for part of the year such that window a/c is more efficient. Plus apartment complexes, etc. 
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