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I don't think that TouchID and more storage are likely to be killer apps on a large scale for the iPad. I just find it hard to imagine that Joe Consumer walks out of the Apple store because the tablet doesn't have TouchID yet. Some potential upgraders are waiting for TouchID, but I suspect they number closer to the tens of thousands than the millions.   As many have noted, the things just don't break. My family's still on the iPad 2, and aside from a small crack on the...
 Anybody who invokes any politician's name in their first five posts should probably just have their account closed.
 Did you miss the word "rumor"? If you'd accused AI of writing a pointless article based on meaningless speculation, I'd be with you, but the word "rumor" eliminates the problem you're complaining about. Would you prefer "Rumor: Apple's rumored 'iWatch' is rumored to be produced in two sizes and rumored to be produced in three models when it's rumored to be launched, purportedly in the fall"?
 Twitter isn't technical. It's also pretty stupid. Maybe the Germans are smart enough to appreciate that.  (/s)
 While I'm partial to claims grounded in relatively sophisticated statistics, you're assuming ceteris paribus here. Many claim, in effect, that there will be an upward shift in Apple's curve due to (finally) adopting the popular larger screen sizes. (Personally, I don't know what to expect.)
It seems like it would be more accurate to say that Apple has gained at Blackberry's expense. Apple's gain almost exactly matches Blackberry's loss. Android's flat.   For whatever these numbers are even worth, that is.
 This sounds great, though I wouldn't mind an appropriately encrypted backup in the cloud. I currently use S3 for that, but I would switch to iCloud if it did what you describe (though Apple's unlikely ever to make it work with my non-Apple devices -- phone and work computer).  The only advantage of direct cloud storage, I think, is for documents that are edited by a group of contributors. Google Apps' implementation of simultaneous editing of documents is really nice. 
I think Bloomberg's responsible for the figure rather than the pollster, but what a terrible figure. Bars to the left and right of a center point for each ad (with the other value presumably set to zero) because the designer was too lazy to figure out how to color bars differently? It's just unbalanced and ungainly, and makes the reader have to wonder why the data's presented that way before concluding that there's no good reason for it. If the figure were clearly...
 Godwin's law aside, the biographers of Hitler whose work I've read would disagree: Hitler was charming when he needed to be, but did not have many lasting meaningful friendships.
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