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 That was my only critical thought as well.
It would be fun to go back a version-life in the forums to see which people complaining about the switch from Helvetica now were complaining about the switch to Helvetica then.   And also to see which people saying San Francisco is perfect now were saying Helvetica was perfect then.    That's the mindless hater in the first sentence, and the mindless fanboy in the second, just in case I need to make the point any clearer. 
Clearly I chose the wrong discipline when I went into academia.
 I suspect that those who are driven to defend Apple's decisions against others' complaints, no matter how moderately expressed, are suffering from some psychological phenomenon of their own.  I will listen to arguments that demonstrate critical thinking on either side. I don't think there's any utility for anybody in mindlessly attacking or defending Apple. And just because somebody's idea is different than yours doesn't that either of you is mindless. 
 In 2025: "I found Mom's old iPhone 6 in the drawer. It still starts, but it's such crap: the holographic display and keyboard are broken, it doesn't work with the aerial charger, and it won't run Infinity Blade XII. I can't believe anybody ever thought these things were any good. No wonder Apple's still at $115 a share."
 You got me. I should have checked a bit of trivia that I barely remembered from years ago. I did have the acronyms right, though, right?
 First, I thought you were making some sort of joke about gibibytes, which we don't hear nearly enough about. But a gibibyte (GiB) is only a little smaller than a gigabyte (GB), so you're probably not joking. But if you have a line on 4GB (or GiB, if you prefer) of mobile-compatible memory for $0.12, please provide a link, because I'm buying. 
Why would Apple (or Samsung or Google) even want to listen? Barring massive improvements in voice recognition, noise filtering, and content processing, 24 hours of conversation, background noise, and snoring per user per day isn't going to yield anything useful.   Now, any device with a microphone and camera might be exploited by a hacker or by an intelligence agency to monitor you, but "Hey Siri" makes that no more likely than it was before. 
 Maybe this is just semantics, but I've been poking around and I feel like GatorGuy has a point. Looking around Google's services for advertisers, they appear to sell ad placement -- i.e. they will deliver my ad to users who match certain characteristics (like searching for particular terms or having visited another website in the Google ad network) but I don't see anywhere where they will sell me information on the users directly. Further, they offer statistics on how...
New Posts  All Forums: