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  But at least three or four people on this thread have confidently asserted they could do the same to this or any other smart phone. I'm still hoping they'll post videos to prove it. 
 Post the video and I assure you it will go viral and start to change the narrative. 
 People keep saying this but where else are you supposed to keep it? Pardon my lack of imagination... I have a 5" Nexus 5 now that fits into the front pocket of my dress pants or generic Gap/Land's End/Eddie Bauer-style khakis just fine, with room to spare. It seems like a 5.5" phone ought to fit, too. But I guess if you wear skinny jeans or want to keep your phone in your back pocket (which I've never understood -- you're just begging to drop it, sit on it, or have it...
 That's actually what I don't get: why make it so thin and slippery that nobody will ever see it? Make it a little thicker and less slippery so that it's safe to use without a case, or stop designing and marketing features like thinness and metal construction that are only relevant to those who can afford to replace their phones on a whim.
 Car insurance doesn't turn a nice car into a cheap-looking piece of plastic and rubber.
 Given that the modal case covers every beautiful feature of the phone except the screen, I sure wish we could do without. 
There's precisely no point in seeking reason in the day-to-day movements of a stock's price, much less the hour-to-hour movements. There's no mechanical relationship between any measurable aspect of a company's value and its stock price even in the very big picture, or Apple never would've dropped by half and come back to beat its previous high over the past few years. It's all just glorified gambling.
The price in the headline doesn't match the price in the figure or article ($399 vs. $329). 
The Onion's version of this story will have Cook trampled to death by customers pushing past him. 
 No kidding! I've long wondered why Apple would want to release such a horrible advertisement for their services to potential customers.
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