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 Apple should intentionally cripple the products of people who've chosen, for whatever reason, not to upgrade? I mean sure: if iOS 9 or 10 does something that's both amazing and so system-intensive that I feel like I need it and can't run it on my 2, that's fair game. But if Apple were simply intentionally make my product slower than it could be, I don't think I'd ever buy an Apple product again.  I really think that it's the larger-screened phones that are hurting the...
 I'm glad they've been getting hammered by you and others, because this thread has been an unusually bad example of absolutely brainless cheerlead-Apple-and-damn-the-world-ness. There's a reason Apple went to Corning for Gorilla Glass, and there's a reason Apple's suppliers use Corning-developed technology in their screens and other internal components. It's great that Apple saw a use for an invention that Corning hadn't managed to find a customer for, but it's Corning...
 If that's true, and I don't think we've seen any definitive evidence, it doesn't seem to be helping Samsung compete.
Almost all malware requires user intervention at some level. Browser addons won't install without intervention, for example. All the crap that gets packaged with installers nowadays requires you to fail to note that extra stuff is getting installed.   The fact that this can apparently bypass the app store on non-jailbroken devices is what's scary. I hope Apple can fix it with something as simple as a certificate revocation.
Apple uses...minivans. I'm still trying to process that.
 Apple's ASP -- average selling price -- is not based on the price that the consumer pays to the carrier, but on the price that the carrier pays to Apple. That the carrier then decides to give away the phone doesn't mean that Apple got paid nothing for it.
 I strongly suspect that any featured product on the field was there in exchange for a payment. If Microsoft or another company had not wanted to place tablets on field on the camera and iPads were there instead because that's what the teams actually use, but Apple had not wanted to pay for camera placement, the producers would've made a point of trying not to show them. They don't feature products for free.
 Seems weird in another way, though: I might always have a use for more wine, makeup, clothing, or accessories, but I never need more than one phone and one tablet at a time. 
With iPad sales almost certainly down, the media's going to headline this as a mixed report.
"Holiday expenses" is very likely to mean the cost of hosting holiday parties for employees at his own residence or a site that he rented, or buying holiday gifts for employees, board members, and/or business partners.   It almost certainly doesn't mean just going on vacation or buying Christmas presents for his family.    It might also include costs incurred to continue running the company while travelling on personal vacation time.
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