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 It's 8.4 that removed Home Sharing, not 9 Beta. In other words, they fully released it.
 Also: "third party."
It's a shame that Samsung's up and LG and HTC are down. Both make nicer hardware than Samsung does.
 Physical's dead for music for sure, especially with lossless, but I have yet to see the "1080p" stream that comes close to Blu-Ray.
I'm pleased to see that the usual manic Apple defenders are not taking up Apple's cause on this one. Apple does most things right, but it does some things wrong, and this is one of them.    That said, I don't think this is the same thing as South Carolina, etc. I do think that the battle flag should not be flying over public buildings (except perhaps Civil War or Confederate museums). Even aside from the negative associations, it's not the current flag of any public...
People keep bagging on Swift, but she was just the first major act to complain publicly. If Apple hadn't caved, there would have been more. That's what Tim and Eddy saw coming, I think. 
 Nonsense. Unlike most musicians, she owns her music and doesn't have a 360 contract with a label. She certainly makes far more money on concert ticket sales than on music sales. She probably makes more on endorsements than she makes on music. And I doubt that Apple is responsible for half her revenue from music: radio play is very lucrative if you own your music. 
 She was the first big name to come out against it, but if Apple had persisted she wouldn't have been the last. Each of them would have been mainly thinking of their own interests, but it would have summed to "we." That's what Apple saw coming.
 So, supposing you were a musical artist and not a rabid Apple fan, you'd be happy with Apple giving away your music for three months? This was the right move from the start; it's just unfortunate Apple made a different announcement (or at least appeared to make a different announcement). 
I'm not familiar with Flipboard, but I hope I can still look at a single source in published order when I want to. 
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