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The price in the headline doesn't match the price in the figure or article ($399 vs. $329). 
The Onion's version of this story will have Cook trampled to death by customers pushing past him. 
 No kidding! I've long wondered why Apple would want to release such a horrible advertisement for their services to potential customers.
 Cleverest post I've seen on this subject by far. The "first world problems!" -- "polluting my song list!" argument is getting tired. Glad to see something new.
 I'm still hoping for a breakthrough on battery life. 
The captions on the benchmarks are wrong. The newer model is on the right in each case, not the left.
 Doubtful. I have several USB-A devices I don't plan to get rid of (unless they break). I suspect I'm not the only one. 
 Really? There must be something different about the wiring in the non + version, because I ended up having to replace my motherboard, alas.  I've never actually owned a single eSATA device, so I wish I'd just left the shipping cap on it. 
I have to question the wisdom of including the year in the name of a product they're unlikely to upgrade for years.
I once managed to plug a USB cable into an eSATA port. I do not recommend this.
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