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In just nine messages (when I started writing this), AI forum denizens' own estimates vary from "they're setting up Apple to fail" to "it'll actually hit 125-130" (the high end of the latter range putting Apple at almost $800 billion in market cap).    We need an AI betting pool.
 I agree entirely that Apple's not obligated to help, but "voluntary" doesn't have to entail "arbitrary" and "meant to appease those who whine most successfully." The next note after yours relates such an experience: one rep denied a battery replacement, and the next one permitted it, with no change in circumstances. Apple's policies ought to be such that it's clear what they'll do and won't do in such situations, and not a result of which customer service rep answers the...
 I always wish companies would more consistent and up front about this sort of thing. It just leads to too much bad blood when they only help the squeakiest wheels.
I think the whole idea of trying to protect iOS and the devices via patents was Steve's baby. He's the one who prominently featured the patented-ness of the interface and physical features in the slides that introduced the iPhone to the world. That's a feature that should have mainly impressed investors, not users. Why should a devoted iPhone owner care whether Android phones have similar features, and vice versa? The fact that Androids have swipe keyboards available...
I had wondered if this problem just affected the couple stores I've been to. The Kansas city one is especially egregious. Whenever I've been there it's been thronged and the bodies unfortunately do nothing to quash the racket.
 Apple's design aesthetic is sort of the minimalist extreme of the current glass and steel trend in building design, with a very high glass:steel ratio. I like it, but I don't think they're still going to look the same 20 or 30 years from now (or at least the new ones being built then won't look the same).  The original iMacs hardly proved timeless. And Steve did do that!
 Out of curiosity, why's that meaningless? An iPhone can also be used for "rudimentary basics." My mother-in-law uses hers that way.
 You gotta bet that some of Apple's more technical people's eyes are twitching, though!
 Even though the iPad 2 is running an A5, I suspect Apple may try to get another OS generation out of it. Apple was still selling the 2 until the Air came out, right (i.e. the 2 is the third generation back by development but only the second by sales)? And even later than that to educational and institutional customers.  edit: But a good point is made above: the iPhone 4 was still being sold as new even late last year, and that's not covered by iOS 8, much less 9. Still, I...
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