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 Yeah, I don't know what Gmail people are complaining about. The iPad/iPhone and Android apps don't have ads, Adblock or not. Browser ads are easily removed by Adblock, even on Google's own browser; for all I can tell there aren't any ads at all on any of the websites I use, Google or otherwise. The spam filters are 99.9%+ accurate in my experience; I've never had a false positive and I've had only one or two spam mails in the past few years make it to my inbox. 
 Whereas AppleInsider and its members would never engage in clickbaiting or exaggerated argument, I suppose.  I'm afraid almost nobody's hands are clean on this one. 
 I'm flabbergasted that pazuzu failed to follow the clear rules of this thread.
 Well, duh, but it's not like you don't know it's happening. The final screen that appears before you confirm the transaction on Paypal's server shows you exactly what information will be shared with the merchant.  PayPal has an excellent track record with security,* and because of that it's a highly trusted brand. Personally, it took me a few years way back when to trust online transactions and PayPal was a large part of that. Apple's taking a real chance on Stripe, which...
A quarter Macs feels about right at the college where I teach. Almost every student has some kind of laptop. They may also have tablets, but I almost never see students using tablets as productivity devices in class or at the library. Very few of my students have their books on their devices; most buy and bring to class paper copies. When they do have the texts in electronic form, they usually use their laptops rather than a separate tablet or reader, since they want to...
 What TS said. It's not so much the skills as the scale. Chip fabs are so ungodly expensive nowadays that it doesn't make sense for Apple to own one to produce chips just for itself. As big a company as it is, its consumption of silicon is only a fraction of what the big chip foundries can produce. Leave that business to the specialists who have the scale to pay for the infrastructure. If Apple tried to make its own chips without also becoming a foundry-for-hire -- which...
  But at least three or four people on this thread have confidently asserted they could do the same to this or any other smart phone. I'm still hoping they'll post videos to prove it. 
 Post the video and I assure you it will go viral and start to change the narrative. 
 People keep saying this but where else are you supposed to keep it? Pardon my lack of imagination... I have a 5" Nexus 5 now that fits into the front pocket of my dress pants or generic Gap/Land's End/Eddie Bauer-style khakis just fine, with room to spare. It seems like a 5.5" phone ought to fit, too. But I guess if you wear skinny jeans or want to keep your phone in your back pocket (which I've never understood -- you're just begging to drop it, sit on it, or have it...
 That's actually what I don't get: why make it so thin and slippery that nobody will ever see it? Make it a little thicker and less slippery so that it's safe to use without a case, or stop designing and marketing features like thinness and metal construction that are only relevant to those who can afford to replace their phones on a whim.
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