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 Really? There must be something different about the wiring in the non + version, because I ended up having to replace my motherboard, alas.  I've never actually owned a single eSATA device, so I wish I'd just left the shipping cap on it. 
I have to question the wisdom of including the year in the name of a product they're unlikely to upgrade for years.
I once managed to plug a USB cable into an eSATA port. I do not recommend this.
 Yeah, I still haven't heard a convincing rationale for the purchase of Beats or especially the price paid.  My conclusion: Iovine is a heck of a salesman.
 If Apple buys Beats, it buys Beats' liabilities. Who else do you imagine would pay any settlement? Even if Apple set aside all of Beats's cash (which it could certainly do without), a settlement that exceeded the cash available would go against the value generated by Beats's former assets.  It's always buyer beware in corporate acquisitions, as Chevron has learned to its cost in Ecuador. Fortunately, there's much less in the way of politics in the Bose-Beats/Apple suit. 
 Why did you buy these even before this lawsuit, given these issues?
 The suit is brought by people who believe they have evidence that Apple has violated Californian law. It doesn't matter if they're also lazy if Apple has been breaking the law. I'm not going to speculate as to who's right, but that's how labor law claims work in this country. This is how the tort system works. If you don't like the tort system, get ready for more intrusive regulatory inspections. 
I don't think that TouchID and more storage are likely to be killer apps on a large scale for the iPad. I just find it hard to imagine that Joe Consumer walks out of the Apple store because the tablet doesn't have TouchID yet. Some potential upgraders are waiting for TouchID, but I suspect they number closer to the tens of thousands than the millions.   As many have noted, the things just don't break. My family's still on the iPad 2, and aside from a small crack on the...
 Anybody who invokes any politician's name in their first five posts should probably just have their account closed.
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