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 1. Buy used iPhone 6 Plus 16gbs on eBay. 2. Resell them to Amazon.3. Profit!
I haven't heard about the CALEA angle before. Has Apple's claim that it's not a telecommunications provider been tested in the specific context of iMessages? If Apple's not a telecommuncations provider, who is? If the messages pass through Apple's servers, it seems hard to deny that they're part of a telecommunications circuit.    But even so, what specifically are they obligated to do, even if they are a telecommunications provider? Do they only have to provide a back...
On the one hand, I admire and value Apple's dedication to privacy.    On the other hand, I recognize that it's hard to keep search/maps/Siri/etc. competitive with Google and others without substantial amounts of machine learning that require using anonymized queries to assess success.   So long as Apple keeps the queries to itself, I'm not sure that their use of them for this purpose would even violate their stated privacy policy. 
 The giant CIA and illumaniti logos on the walls are SUPER credible.
I don't mean this to be high praise, but I still feel that Android's got nothing on Flash when it comes to repeated, serious, incompetent bouts of insecurity.
 Best post.  I doubt that Apple would face any criminal liability if terrorists provably used iMessages to securely communicate, but you can bet that the Apple-clickbaiting media would have a field day with it. 
I don't have much trouble with selection and control on today's bigger screens, but this is cool stuff.
I dropped my wife's 4s (always best to drop somebody else's phone, right?) exactly once and the screen got a single hairline crack across the face in a roughly 18 inch fall onto asphalt (I was shocked).   AppleCare replaced it with a phone that was obviously not brand new, but it was in better cosmetic condition than the one I had. Seriously, who expects new devices on warranty coverage? Clean devices in good repair, sure. But not new. No reasonable person who has ever...
I have to say I'm still not convinced by the campaign theme. Until now, Apple has almost never made reference even to the existence of competition in its iPhone ads. Like Coca-Cola and McDonalds, Apple's a market leader. Like them, it should just say what's good about their products, not what other companies might be doing by contrast. Making comparisons is often a clear sign of who's losing the fight: Burger King, Pepsi, Samsung.    Admittedly, the reference to the...
Taylor Swift was just the first really major artist to complain publicly. Others would've followed if Apple had persisted after her letter. 
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