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 I don't think the FDA is without flaws (especially on the foods and "dietary supplements" side), but TENS OF MILLIONS? That would be a tremendous scandal. What drugs, precisely, do you have in mind that have caused (assuming you mean at least two tens of millions) about 8% of the current population of the US to die?  It can't be Fen-Phen, because the FDA *never approved* the use of those drugs in combination. They were approved separately, and it's doctors who decided to...
 Indeed. If any device is going to be monitoring something important, like insulin levels for example, I want the FDA all over it. 
I don't see it happening. A-series chips for the Mac could not be the same silicon as for the tablets and phones (temperature and power requirements will ensure that phone and tablet chips remain much less powerful than their desktop equivalents). Apple just doesn't have the scale on its own to make desktop CPUs at any kind of reasonable cost (much less press forward with the technology affordably), unless its desktops become dramatically more popular. Keep in mind that...
 Well, to be fair, Android users have a good range of ad blocking options available, and they are among the most popular apps on the store.
 Maybe I'm missing your point, but I nearly think it has "Watch" in the name of the product.
 Another one I hate is any headline involving a vague "this" or "what"...like "what this girl said had me crying in 30 seconds." Between the countdowns and these, it's about 99% of Buzzfeed, Upworthy, etc., output. (Actually I just don't visit anything on Buzzfeed, Upworthy, etc. -- but Clickhole can be awesome.)
 Very cool, and based on the right burger place. The simulated screen is about four times bigger than the actual screen as displayed here -- and I don't think I'm magnifying it. Shouldn't the simulator show you actual size images? (Maybe it does on your screen.)
There better be a way to disable that nonsense. So not interested.
18 million is stunningly optimistic. The iPhone, which surely has a larger audience, sold about 10 million the first year; the iPad sold only a couple million.    The second generation will probably sell 20 million in its first year, but I don't think the first generation is likely to see that kind of uptake that quickly.
 "We" clearly doesn't include the judge. Should judges just consult the AI community whenever a case involving Apple comes up? I don't think that will fly as a legal principle.
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