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 No kidding! I've long wondered why Apple would want to release such a horrible advertisement for their services to potential customers.
 Cleverest post I've seen on this subject by far. The "first world problems!" -- "polluting my song list!" argument is getting tired. Glad to see something new.
 I'm still hoping for a breakthrough on battery life. 
The captions on the benchmarks are wrong. The newer model is on the right in each case, not the left.
 Doubtful. I have several USB-A devices I don't plan to get rid of (unless they break). I suspect I'm not the only one. 
 Really? There must be something different about the wiring in the non + version, because I ended up having to replace my motherboard, alas.  I've never actually owned a single eSATA device, so I wish I'd just left the shipping cap on it. 
I have to question the wisdom of including the year in the name of a product they're unlikely to upgrade for years.
I once managed to plug a USB cable into an eSATA port. I do not recommend this.
 Yeah, I still haven't heard a convincing rationale for the purchase of Beats or especially the price paid.  My conclusion: Iovine is a heck of a salesman.
 If Apple buys Beats, it buys Beats' liabilities. Who else do you imagine would pay any settlement? Even if Apple set aside all of Beats's cash (which it could certainly do without), a settlement that exceeded the cash available would go against the value generated by Beats's former assets.  It's always buyer beware in corporate acquisitions, as Chevron has learned to its cost in Ecuador. Fortunately, there's much less in the way of politics in the Bose-Beats/Apple suit. 
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