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 Almost everybody thinks that they are a better driver and less distractable than they actually are. That suggests we shouldn't leave the question of whether an individual driver can function safely up to that driver. The texts can wait. Until the past few years, people mostly lived without them. Astonishing, I know. 
 Good question. The doctor I needed to reach for some advice on complications after a surgery couldn't be reached with his so-called "pager." The dispatch tried three times before they gave up and called his cell. 
 On the one hand, this is true: most commenters (including me) don't have one. On the other hand, people in general show remarkably poor judgment about what's likely to distract them while driving.
 Almost all long-range military drones -- I believe all that actually deliver ordnance -- are airplanes, not copters. They would need to land on a runway or street. They're also huge. 
 Then why didn't they announce the plan? I can't think of a single good reason not to. It certainly would've killed almost all of the complaints in this thread, and a lot of what's going on in the more professional review press today. 
 Well, exactly, but you yourself asserted that Apple will sell upgrades to the watch. I assumed that no upgrade will be necessary for the watch to tell time, so you must have been referring to the apps. You even put a price point on it: $400. I've trying to understand (1) whether you're asserting that the watch will be upgradable or not, and (2) if so, where you're getting that information. Apple hasn't even announced a battery replacement policy or plan, much less an...
 Sog, I can't make up my mind where you're coming from on this one, except to be relentlessly combative as usual.  Do you think that Apple is going to keep the internals up to date so that the watch remains useful on a daily basis, or do you think that you're going to keep the watch on a shelf as a treasured relic? You can't have it both ways.
 You're making some big assumptions there, and Apple has said nothing to support your line of thinking...which is what many people in this thread have been asking for.  Will Apple really keep the internals of future generation watches in a compatible form factor? They haven't done it for the phones or tablets, except for a pair of generations at a time.  Again, I'd be delighted to be proven wrong on this point. But it seems to me that it runs against Apple's grain to let...
 I know you're hypercombative by nature, but you can't be that obtuse. App makers will not keep their apps up to date for this watch 5  years from now, much less 40. Plus the SOC will be so slow by the standards of 5, 10, or 15 years from now that you won't want to use it by comparison to newer devices.  Apple's unlikely to keep it working with new phones past the next several years, and I'm sure that you won't want to keep using your iPhone 6 40 years from now just so you...
 The gold isn't worth anywhere close to $9,651. The investment value will be in nostalgia, the privilege of owning a first edition, etc. The price of the gold is the "melt value," which is likely to be far lower. Functional Apple Is don't sell for hundreds of times their original value because of the value of the components.  This does make me curious, though, for all those talking about the value of the gold: how much gold does the watch actually contain?  edit. I hadn't...
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