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 Depends on what you mean by terrorist propaganda. In the US, free speech laws will protect most speech that doesn't directly incite violence (this is a stricter standard than it sounds). That a video is itself evidence of a crime (e.g. a beheading) doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be taken down, legally speaking; a news broadcast could quite legally show the same video (albeit likely censored). Whereas copyright violations are typically less legally ambiguous. Even...
 Someday I'll learn that you can't be sarcastic on the internet without making it painfully obvious.
I'd be delighted if they'd make it easier for parents to manage their kids' devices, too (password control, app restrictions, etc.). This initiative could develop tools that would help with both school and home markets.
 I suspect that complaints like the OP's stem from wanting the phone to replace the tablet. Thus for them it's the same use case.
 That's certainly what my kids do. They don't have portable music devices, so contra TS they're not ripping songs off it. Why rip when you can stream? 
 Get it replaced as late as possible and you extend the life of your product, right? (I'm not one.)
This award looks like an award for participation. Apple's won it 125 times! But Samsung's won it 501 times!    De gustibus non est disputandum.
If you want an article that covers the legal details more fully (and two weeks ago), try http://www.law360.com/articles/622308/apple-poached-workers-for-new-battery-division-a123-says.  In brief: Apple's accused of misappropriation of trade secrets, tortious interference (intentional interference with contractual relations), raiding (of employees, not villages), and unfair competition. There's a pretty clear -- and brief -- explanation of the general legal issues at stake...
 In some states, including California, the plates stay with the car. In other states, the plates stay with the owner. 
I like how AI keeps referring to these vehicles as "testbeds," to keep the drum beating on the Apple Car rumors. If Apple's using them for gathering map data, as has always seemed most likely, then they're not testing anything; they're just gathering data.    I wonder how often Tim Cook shakes his head in wonder at how fast the internet is to turn fragments of misinterpreted information into a myth about Apple's intentions. 
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