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 Hard to tell which part of this was intended to be sarcastic, but I think your classism is showing. There are a lot of perfectly good houses in this country that were built before central a/c, and there are lots of parts of the country where the weather is such that you really only need to cool a bedroom or two at night for part of the year such that window a/c is more efficient. Plus apartment complexes, etc. 
 Also, a safely installed window air conditioner will have L-brackets screwed into the window frame to hold the lower window snugly against the a/c. It's at least as secure as the more-or-less decorative window latches most people have holding their windows closed.  And of course a lot of window air conditioners aren't on the first floor anyway. 
 If Google had any interest in seriously marketing the Nexus line, it would change things throughout the industry. Samsung's "Android" devices are larded down with bloatware and you have to wait for upgrades. Google's actual Android phones are seriously slick, and at $349 (16gb) to $399 (32gb) without a contract they're an incredible value.  Of course if Google did seriously market the Nexus line, Samsung would probably head more seriously towards its own OS and Google...
 And my wish came true already. Yay!
 Perhaps I shouldn't have echoed the word "just," but all I was saying was that the OP's statement isn't true. The contrapositive of the OP's statement that "in tech you just don't support legacy software" is not "in tech you must support legacy software." I never said that.  Market caps seem like strange evidence to make your point, though. Apple's may have the single highest of the five companies I named, but in the aggregate the other companies' market caps add up to...
 Regardless of the merits of the first sentence, the second sentence just isn't true. Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, etc. make tons and tons of money supporting old versions of their software. Apple's the outlier in its shorter end-of-life deadlines for old versions of software.  
 I'm with you on quality vs. quantity, but the taxpayers in my kids' district have been protesting these computer initiatives already (one guy got on the school board last fall with this as the signal issue). I'm just hoping that Apple will be able to match the 2's pricing with a different full-size model. 
 Yeah, but the net present cost of higher insurance premiums is going to be lower than the immediate cost of automatic guidance for a long time to come (especially for the majority of car buyers who buy used).  eta: Though personally I want automatic guidance asap.
I hope Apple will move a different large screen model to the $399 price point. A lot of school districts bought the iPad 2 for the combination of big screen for students' ebooks and education apps and cheap price for district budget. My kids' district is already considering switching to Nexus tablets for its next round of purchases, and I think they will for sure if Apple's alternative goes up $100 per kid. 
 7's declared end of life is still more than six years away (and they just extended XP's last year). Microsoft may not be marketing it, but they're supporting it for a long time to come. If people want to use 7 rather than 8, Microsoft wants to support them.
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