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 I'm worried about this, too. The bulk of the visual look of the device is going to be a blank screen -- probably with fingerprints on it -- almost all of the time. I just don't think it's likely that having a big black square with fingerprints on it on one's wrist is likely to become a fashion must.  In any case, come back and tell me if I turn out to be wrong, but 19m seems preposterously high for 2015. Somebody's setting Apple up for some salable negative headlines with...
 Gah, you're right. I botched my (sarcastic) joke. 
 Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan were full of Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games, right? 
 If you listen to the IRS, Apple has forgotten how to pay actual taxes, too. Hurr hurr.
 So why not charge for the first 5gb? 
On the one hand, I can understand wanting to childproof the store, since kids can browse it without entering an Apple ID.    On the other hand, it misleads customers as to what kind of images, etc. the game contains -- even if there's an age warning. 
Monitor resolution is fast becoming the gold-plated Monster Cable of video. "But I can see it!" 
I guess if I'm going to get nickel-and-dimed, it might as well be with an Apple product.
 Apple should intentionally cripple the products of people who've chosen, for whatever reason, not to upgrade? I mean sure: if iOS 9 or 10 does something that's both amazing and so system-intensive that I feel like I need it and can't run it on my 2, that's fair game. But if Apple were simply intentionally make my product slower than it could be, I don't think I'd ever buy an Apple product again.  I really think that it's the larger-screened phones that are hurting the...
 I'm glad they've been getting hammered by you and others, because this thread has been an unusually bad example of absolutely brainless cheerlead-Apple-and-damn-the-world-ness. There's a reason Apple went to Corning for Gorilla Glass, and there's a reason Apple's suppliers use Corning-developed technology in their screens and other internal components. It's great that Apple saw a use for an invention that Corning hadn't managed to find a customer for, but it's Corning...
New Posts  All Forums: