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If we compare Apple TV with Google TV then latest version clears doubts and product created by Google is a bit better and if they will be fast enough and push this system to more TV and TV boxes by the time Apple starts to fight for their market share I think that they could be the biggest gainers. The main advantage about Google TV is and will always be native support for YouTube and as we all know YouTube is owned by Google and this really makes Apple to hold only...
Battery issues isn't anything new from Apple. After I updated my good old iPhone 3GS to some latest of version (can't remember the exact number) i got the same issue, the problem was resolved via software update in mater of few weeks. Hopefully this will be the same thing as I have ordered iPhone 4S and looking to received it next week and don't want to experience this issue
I have tried HP tablet with this webOS and I am really surprised about the quality of it. It can be compared to Android version that is installed in Amazon Kindle Fire, the same lack of functionality but with better design. I think that HP should look for way how they can save this division as tablet market is emerging and within few years they could probably exceed the market share of PC's as most of the PC users don't need most of the functions offered by PC and they...
The interface for upcoming Photoshop CS6 looks much like Adobe Photoshop Elements. I don't know what is about the latest version but on my Sony Vaio there was version 8 or 9 pre-installed and the colors really looks the same. Very much look forward to upcoming release as Adobe really knows how to improve algorithm for image processing and this time it won't be exception
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