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So it uses a battery and electronics to power an Eraser?   Because really you don't get anything else of note.  It doesn't have pressure sensitivity, it isn't more accurate because it is still using capacitance to capture strokes.    It seems utterly pointless to me.
 But Apple isn't. They have to perceive a strong market in order to branch out. That market doesn't seem to be here. Maybe it's a calculated leak to get Samsung busy wasting time on Giant Tablets. 
 So we can talk about imaginary iPad since someone made up a rumor, but we can't talk about what might be powering it, because no one has yet made up a rumor about that? 
 There is no such thing as a 13" iPad either. Imaginary products may as well include imaginary SoCs.
 From where I sit, you were very wrong on the Mini.  You assume your personal taste is somehow reflected in greater reality, when it isn't. Old Mini sales were reportedly dead even with iPad 4 and it was still low res, running on a A5. The new Retina Mini would likely be Apples sales star if not for muted, later launch and supply constraints.
 A 9.7" screen is 45 sq inches.A 12.9" screen is 80 sq inches.  That is 80/45 or 1.8 times larger. You likely also have to increase the thickness because the device will get too flexible in your hand to feel flimsy/cheap, so the the third dimension also comes into it. But lets just call the thickness increase to maintain rigidity a wash, with some incidentals that don't increase. 1.8*469 grams = 1.86 lbs Though kind of moot. 13" is big unwieldy package that just does't...
 Whatever happened to waiting till he actually does something before insulting him. Don't make up crap that isn't likely to happen, then condemn him for doing it.
 No, it would be heavier. When people guess, they fail at math. A 13" iPad has almost double the screen area, weight tends to track screen area, so it would be close to about double the weight of an iPad air. A bit less since some components don't need an increase.   They could probably do it a little under 2lbs. But it isn't just weight that makes something unwieldy, the larger size would exert more leverage, it is less portable, more of a handful.  It just seems to...
  My thoughts exactly. They need a bigger iphone a lot more than a bigger iPad.
I love it when hypocrisy get eviscerated.
New Posts  All Forums: