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It's likely like Wireless-N. You could update the driver/software to enable Wireless-N on several Wireless-G devices but it only gives you N on the 2.4Ghz band.With Bluetooth this sounds like the same kind of thing, where it's enabling 4.2 features on 4.0 radios.
I had to laugh. This is basically going "I had my iPhone in the best possible conditions, while I had my Nikon at worse-than-optimal to take video" Any low-light or night shot is going to be garbage on the iPhone's, there just is no way to put a large enough sensor in such a device. Now if Apple were to venture into Cameras and put a large format light-field sensor on the back of an otherwise iPhone body, we might have something compelling.
Oh Hello. Metrotown Apple Store is on the Upper Level next to Lululemon, Microsoft is on the lower-level (not basement) in the wing above the T&T and probably lost a chunk of it's foot traffic from Target closing. Samsung's store is in a very prime location near the front of the mall at the main concourse, and is always empty. There used to be a Sony store but I think they pulled out some time last year.Here... Apple store is always packed. Microsoft store: More employees...
Because Amazon would need to give Apple a 30% cut of something they likely make very little on.
You can't play Amazon Video in Canada, so big freaking whoop More on-topic though, Amazon doesn't have >50% of the VOD market share, nobody does. If Netflix works just fine, Amazon is just lying through their teeth. You can't say the h.264 or h.265 codec in use by Netflix is any different than the same codec used by Amazon. And if they're using a different codec... well... there would be no hardware acceleration, even on their own products. Qualcom doesn't mention anything...
I don't think Google is ever going to move any mountains because they haven't innovated on much of anything since the Google search engine. Everything else has been copycat with a twist. And when they couldn't create a copy that people want, they bought out the competitor (see Google Video -> Youtube)And Google Fi is nothing new. It's in a sense a MVNO, which any company can set up. You eliminate roaming by arranging roaming agreements, or being MVNO's with everyone, and...
Well counterfeit iPhones don't work with the Apple Store. They still have counterfeit App stores via jailbroken devices.
Maybe on the MacPro/MacMini it's 20%. I don't see the iMac or Laptops being that low entirely because if you buy all the parts separately (OEM) it still requires assembly, and the store you buy OEM parts from still has their own markup.
Elsewhere it's been indicated that the samsung chip is in the 6S and the TSMC is in the 6S Plus.There's not going to be enough of a difference. For the sake of argument I'm running geekbench's battery-life benchmark with all the radios on to see what the battery life ends up being on the 6S 128GB, but I'm willing to bet that nobody who actually uses the phone would notice which chip would be used.
It's very hard to get people to understand why "mobile" CPU's are not supposed to be in "desktop" systems. The point of a mobile CPU is to save power at all costs. A desktop CPU is the reverse, where it's to maximum performance while not burning a hole in the motherboard. Desktop CPU's are between 65watts and 130 watts, and if Intel had it's way back with the Pentium 4 and RAMBUS nonsense, your desktop would consume a full 12A to do what it does currently. The Prescott...
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