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John Donahoe was also responsible for the huge rampup of outsourcing to the Philipines, so if you're wondering why service has been going down hill, that's it. The company was fine under Meg, and the Paypal integration was pushed even tighter under Meg. So splitting eBay and Paypal is going to be extremely damaging to both parts of the company. eBay will want in on that Apple Pay system, and Paypal wants to get more into Steam and various other online game payments.
Women's pants often only have "decorative pockets", even some cargo pants. If you can fit a phone into one, you'll certainly damage the phone, I don't care how bendable it's supposed to be.Men's pants have real pockets, but the inside of the pants usually just let the pocket hang out, so it will repeatedly get metal fatigue stress as you repeatedly bump it around while walking. Worse if you put it in the rear pockets, where sitting on it is guaranteed to damage it. When...
Take a look at "will it blend" for the iPad, the guy was able to bend the non-Apple tablets easier, where as the Apple iPad he had to apply a lot more force to.The iPhone is the same general problem, the more surface area, the easier it is to bend and break. I don't see this as a failure on Apple's part, as it's clearly not a quality control problem, just a people-being-stupid problem.
So they can take 4 times as long to charge and waste twice as much energy? No thanks.I'm fine with having an alternative charging system (eg for hotels and airports) but at home I don't want to be constantly radiated by the power required to charge a computer when it will spend 99% of the time spent plugged in anyway.
More to the point, the entire reason anyone cracks a screen at all, is not from dropping, but from putting objects on it (eg sitting on it, if it's a in rear pocket, a problem endemic to flip phones as well.)Sapphire is "too hard" to survive a drop test under some conditions (eg landing on a corner, rather than the face or back)My iPad, has only been dropped once... onto the floor of an Amtrak station, and the screen completely survived, but if you look at it at eye level,...
I think the power cost is more critical. The way current OS's operate is that all RAM is utilized, thus sucking down all the power. So unless they can die shrink the RAM they can't add any more without needing to increase the battery size.I'm sure Apple could put 32GB of ram on the device if the power cost could be justified. The difference between 4GB and 8GB on a notebook is 50$, and these have several chips on them. Apple's stacking RAM on the CPU, so they are...
Chicken and Egg problem. There's no h.265 video out there, and encoding high quality video in software is 10x slower than h.264 at the same resolution. h.265 at the 720 facetime resolution is probably exactly what the hardware encoder on the device is set to. I wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone can playback 720/1080 h265 video, but iTunes may not hand out h.265 video to any device unless it supports it. Likewise I don't see Youtube supporting h.265 yet, but they may be...
Notice that PayPal and Amazon are doing just fine without each other.
The first iPhone, MacMini, AppleTV, and iPad all got depreciated quicker than later models.Like I think the iPhone 6 is the first iPhone that I think does absolutely everything I need from a phone. The watch however does nothing I need, so I have no reason to get one.
Off hand (oh the pun) I think the battery needs to somehow last 48 hours before it can replace any mechanical watch. Ideally getting it to last a month would be nice but I don't think that's practical.The charge/discharge cycle is of deep concern if it only lasts a day. Lithium batteries only last around 1000 charge cycles, so that means a battery would be worn out a little after 2 and a half years.
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