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Samesung could sell a million to one iPhone. Samesung could give me a free Galaxy. But i don't steal like Samesung. I am not Google's fence, nor have i an ugly bad taste. No, never ever will i hold one of their stolen pieces of shit.
Oh well... I was about to explain that Schmidt worked at Sun (Now Oracle) where they stole Java from. And that he was a board member at Apple where they stole iOS. But if you missed the remark Steve Jobs made about Android being a stolen product and the thermonuclear war and all... You should explain to me; how is life, living under a rock ?
Saw that the online store was 'busy' but no sales yet to be seen here in Holland. Stayed up for nothing. I love IOS 7 by the way !
Google - Samesung... A marriage that was meant to be. Written in the stars ! Could there be a better couple ? The thief and the fence...
I'll never ever buy anything from Evil Larry Page. Not for 1$, nor if i receive 1000$ with it. Stick it in your evil dark stink-hole, Google !
I have already issued a import ban against Samesung years ago. Anything that holds this brand-name is banned from my house during my lifetime. I hate thiefs and i hate companies that play faul games and fence stolen goods. They undermine the basic fundamentals of any civilized society. And their taste is appalling.
Corporate bullying ? How would you categorize Corporate Stealing ? Know you facts and don't be fooled by Samesung's bling-bling and Google's rainbow-colored Motorola mob ! Eric Schmidt stole code from Sun while he worked there. Schmidt was working at Apple during the development of the first iPhone. Do the math !
Thermal nuclear war. AT LAST ! Public backlash ? So what. If you steal, you burn yourself. Bring it on !!
What are you guys complaining about ? Here in Europe, Holland, i can get the subscription for 61,49 EURO. That is 80,59$ ! So, if you live in the US, i don't understand why people complain about the fee. By the way; 61,49 Euro puts it out of my reach. So Apple, i would suggest you buy that darn company and do the same thing with it as you did with FCP to FCPX. From 2000$ to a fraction of that price.
Steve Ballmer is the best CEO i could possibly wish for !
New Posts  All Forums: