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Keep trying your visa cards .. I recently registered my Associated Credit Union visa card and it's not listed as supported yet. Ditto for Lockheed Credit Union...
 50% more demand for cores = more $revenue for them,,,
Enabled in ATL
WTH? This is mist mode on my hose sprinkler ...
Monitize via iAd vs web ads which are about the get blocked on iOS.  Apple kicks Google in the nutz.
Tidal will be an interesting study in the economic price/demand chart. Which will be bigger? Tidal ( higher Price * less Demand ) vs Apple Beats1 ( lower Price * more Demand) I'm going with more Demand for 100 Alex.
 Actual LOL here.  thank you :-D
 Ding, ding, ding!  It is a little disingenuous to describe a big.LITTLE processor as an 8 processor phone since only the big (1.5GHz) or the LITTLE (1.0Ghz) is active at any time.  So basically it's a .2GHz bump from previous models.  Big deal.
 Yep.., but with a noticeable lack of Fandroid replies.  Almost as if Samsung flew their Astroturfers to Korea for a big gangnam style party so they aren't available to post.
Glad to see more hardware patents - software patents have proven to be valueless. Not that I want to see Apple use patents in war, but because I want Apple to be able to push back fast copies. Copy, just don't stand on their coat-tails for gods sake.
New Posts  All Forums: