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I've been long and strong on AAPL since 2007.   I wish I had gotten in at $6.     I follow all Zaky's articles on AAPL -- this man knows his stuff.  BOOM! :-)
Apple customers know that Apple products (almost always? always?) exceed their expectations, so they are willing to buy a new Apple product sigh unseen. In fact, the leaks act as a "pre-availability review" for buyers -- by the time the product is available for launch, most of the important details are known. I love the lightening adapter -- so much so I wish micro/mini-USB would be dropped by the world in favor of it. Maps is a non-issue. I paid $30 for the TomTom...
i am stunned by this, but I guess it makes sense -- the MS Office division isn't going to go down with the Windows 8 ship.
You know, China might have been a big part of why Apple dumped Google maps. Google is not going to do well in China -- is not an authorized mapper in China -- and i would be surprised if they would pay for anyone else's mapping data. Apple may have decided to build and buy their own mapping services to make iPhone better for Chinese consumers.
Samsung is copying the Apple Mac Guy vs PC Guy commercials. But they didn't quite copy it correctly, and instead of attacking the PC, they are attacking the people. I guess that nuance was lost in translation. Too funny.
Apple obviously wants to get iPhone 5 in the hands of the Mars Rover so it can call home.
  Very tight tolerances with solid aluminium connector and frame.  It's not going to be cheap plastic.   I'm actually stoked to see this new connector -- yeah, it'll cost a little to buy new cables/adapters, but it looks like a nicer experience for the next ten years -- kind of wish it would be a mag safe, but I guess the physical connection has saved my phone from dropping a couple of times.
This is actually a pretty cool story.  I'm sure Chinese factory worker wages are horrible compared to US wages, but their cost of living is less.  Apple is fighting a good fight.   It's going to be an interesting century as Chinese and Indian labor comes online, which will create a labor glut and makes it uneconomical for expensive labor countries to make anything.   I can't wait for the day when all labor costs and wages around the world are comparable -- I probably...
   "Thus far, Samsung hasn't won any injunction of that kind. It previously relied largely on standard-essential patents (SEPs), and a Korea Times report published on Friday suggests that Samsung is once again contemplating a multijurisdictional push for preliminary injunctions against a new iPhone (or iPad 4G): "Samsung confirmed that it will immediately sue Apple if the latter releases products using advanced long-term evolution (LTE) mobile technology." It tried this...
New Posts  All Forums: